We Just Found the Most Helpful Online Collection of Teleplays

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If you’re a collector of just about anything, you’ve probably had the same recurring dream we have.

We’re talking about what we’ve always called “The Treasure Trove” dream. You know, the one where you’re walking down the street, or through the mall, and you find a store you’ve never seen before. In you go…and its walls/shelves/display cases are lined with everything you collect. Rare or previously unknown editions or issues or drawings or sculptures or paintings, whatever, of that very special thing that means, well, if you’re a collector, you know what it means to you: Everything.

The other day, while we were hard at work randomly googling before our boss saw us, we experienced the Treasure Trove dream in real time. There it was – and, oh frabjous day, still is – possibly the largest collection of recent TV scripts on our beloved interwebs.


We’re talking drama and comedy and everything in between. 3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN, 30 ROCK, 1600 PENN, ALPHAS, ARROW, BANSHEE…and on and on and on. Most of it is very newish – 21st century, hurray! But we also spotted DEATH VALLEY DAYS from the 1950s, if that’s your thing.

All we know about the site is that it’s in the UK and for some reason it’s got the word “zen” in its name. Probably because it’s using space on an ISP called Zen Internet Ltd, but we haven’t been able to verify that. When you actually go to this particular Treasure Trove, what you find is a folder index with links to its teleplay contents.

For all we know, the treasure could disappear tomorrow, the way it way too often does in those dreams we were talking about. So run, do not walk HERE.

Oh, and try and keep this on the downlow, okay? Cuz too much traffic on a site that isn’t prepared for it, might mean – shudder – the End.


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