Warner Bros. Has Started Its Own Online Streaming Service

Is this the worst looking major corporation website on the planet?

…Cuz it ain’t TV anymore. It’s – well, it’s VIDEO dammit, boys and girls, and the Old Media distro methods don’t work anymore, even for a company as classically Old Media as WB.

Now you can watch Warner Brothers TV and film classics whenever you want, without having to mingle with the hoi palloi at Hulu, Netflix, whatever.

Just hie thyself over to Warner Archive Instant (God, why don’t they hire writers to name these things?) and pick from its amazingly limited (like 113 films and 5 TV series as of this writing) supply. And if you think the name’s awkward, what’re going to say about the price – $10 a month? Or the fact that the streaming is being done via Ultraviolet, one of the most maligned services on the web?

Oh, wait, did we mention that this service only works on computers (not cell phones) or Roku? And that you can only get HD via Roku? And that the 5 TV shows are THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, CHEYENNE, 77 SUNSET STRIP, HAWAIIAN EYE, and for you youngsters who want to see something kinda new/relevant/not-cheesy, JERICHO?

Alas, poor Old Media. Even when it brings in a supply of virgins and sucks all their blood, it still can’t figure out how to think young.

Lameass livez!