Want to Teach TV & Film Writing?

Syracuse U in the summer. The winter's something else.
Syracuse U in the summer. The winter’s something else.

Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY, is looking for a part-time faculty member to teach “Dramatic Writing for TV and Film. It’s an adjunct professor thing, which means no credit towards tenure and no benefits, but the pay isn’t bad: $1148.63 per credit hour.

Specifically, they’re looking for some to teach “Dramatic Writing for TV and Film on Fridays from 9:30-12:15 for the Fall 2014 semester.” Here’s the course description:

 The Television-Radio-Film Department is looking for an experienced screenwriter this fall semester to teach an introductory screenwriting class for graduate level students. This class concentrates on screenwriting techniques for aspiring creators in the entertainment industry. This course is designed to explore the craft of writing involved in motion picture, television and digital media storytelling. It will provide an overview in basic writing for the screen. Students will write exercises in scene/story structure, sequence, character development, dialogue and short scripts.

That’s a 3 credit hour course, which means that total pay for working less than 3 hours a week – for, what, somewhere between 12 and 16 weeks? – turns into an extra $3445.89 to put toward, well, whatever it is you use your money for.

Check it out HERE.

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