Want to Get Started in the Biz? Create Your Own Niche

…And publish/produce yourself.

PINCHED by David Vandervoort

Kindle is king for book writers. And peer production/web videos work solidly for film/TV hopefuls. With Kindle, people see you/read you/buy you. With web videos people see you/dig you/hire you. The evidence is all around us (yeah, okay, longer article with zillions of examples to come).


If you’re a future filmmaker, what kind of video you should you make is a valid concern. We suggest a well-shot (if live action)/well-animated (if, you know, an animation) narrative with a moving story and some humor. Oh, and keep it short. Maybe 10 minutes max because viewers, especially film/TV company assistants whose bosses have sent them to their iPhones to search for material, have short attention spans.

This one’s 11 minutes and change but what wonderful work! A true case in point:

Yes, yours has to be this good. Are you up to the challenge?