Viet Nam’s Women Writer Renaissance

Yes, it’s true. The Vietnamese have beaten us – again:

Vietnamese novelist Phan Y Yen

Phan Y Yen’s latest book, Em La De Yeu (You Are for Love), is a collection of 29 short stories featuring women and love.

Released this year, the book was reprinted 10 times, a record.

The HCM City Literature Publishing House, one of the region’s prestigious printers, was not sure that the book would be successful but they knew that readers, particularly urban women, wanted it.

They printed another collection of short stories by Yen, Tinh Yeu La Khong Ai Muon Bo Di (You Can’t Refuse Love) last year, which also earned a profit.

More than 50,000 people read the book, which was released online.

For the last three years, the 29-year-old Yen has released six books and all were among the market’s best-selling books.

According to a report from two book-selling websites, Tikiweb and Vinabook, books by female writers, including Yen, Hamlet Truong and Gao, have all been best-sellers this year.

“Female writers add something new to a market dominated by traditional writing styles. Young readers, particularly women, found themselves on the pages of their books,” said Ha Hoai Thu, 26, a fan of Yen.

In 2011, the 23-year-old Dieu Nhu Trang became a phenomenon in the market after her book, Thien Su 99 (Cupid 99), was adapted for a film.

Her book is a fantasy love story about a cupid and an ordinary girl who believe love is a game but are finally forced to do some rethinking.

The private HCM City-based film company Phuoc Sang Film got together an ensemble of hot music and modeling stars for Thien Su 99, as the icing on the cake for young audiences.

The producer also invited Trang to join in writing the screenplay.

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