Uh-Oh, Canadian Women are Under-Represented in Yet Another Medium

Web series, of course. It was all that was left.


from CBC News

A report released Wednesday says, not only are women are still under-represented in key roles in Canadian film and television, but in web series and as actors as well.

The annual report — released in Toronto and St. John’s at the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival (SJIWFF)— shows while awareness and concern about gender equity in the screen industry has grown, the number of women working as directors, screenwriters and cinematographers in Canadian feature film and television —and now in web series — is still low.

And for the first time since the first report was produced in 2012, it includes numbers about women working in web series and as actors. And the headline hasn’t changed.

“Generally the statistics really suck,” said St. John’s International Women Film Festival chair Noreen Golfman.

“It’s really discouraging and … the evidence shines a lens on what needs to be done.”

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