TVWriter™’s Fave Rock Group has a New Record & a National Tour

The Yev National Tourby Team TVWriter™ Press Service

Yes, it’s true, the Seattle Rock duo, The Yev, is indeed TVWriter™’s favorite rock group, and not just because frontwoman Amber Shine is LB’s daughter. Nosirree bob, we’re into The Yev cuz…music. Wild, free, indie, and rebellious, The Yev’s sound captures speaks from the heart, liver, spleen, and lungs about everything, good, bad, beautiful, and ugly in our current Millennial age.

Yeppers, kids, you read that right. The qualities in the paragraph above are all at the extreme ends of their spectrums. Just like The Yev, who ain’t about to take the middle ground about anything.

Now that’s something to love.

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Yev Aug Tour Dates 2014 CaptureYev Sept Tour Dates 2014 Capture(More Dates Being Added)

The Yev is (are?) Amber Shine – vocals, guitar, composer – and Johnson – drums, composer

Try ’em. They’ll make you, um, REACTTTTTTT!!!