TVWriter™ Welcomes Inktip!

Don'tcha love the colors of this logo? We love the colors!
Don’tcha love the colors of this logo? We love the colors!

Speaking of the Spec Scriptacular as we just were, TVWriter™ is proud to announce that Inktip, which we consider THE site for producers and reps to find and see your work, has partnered up with us to co-sponsor both the Spec Scriptacular and the People’s Pilot competitions.

Starting with the current Spec Scriptacular, the first place winner of each category of our two flagship contests will receive a six-month listing on the InkTip site, a terrific meeting place for writers and pros. Over 200 films have been made from scripts and writers found on InkTip, and no telling how many more deals may have been struck that gave new writers a start.

LB and InkTip’s Jerrol and Norma LaBaron have known each other for almost two decades, and, LB says:

“I think it’s great that we’ve finally found a way to work together to help writers get the career boosts they deserve. I’m looking forward to the day when an Emmy winning showrunner holds out that statuette and thanks not only his or her agent, partner, mother, father, network head, cast, staff, crew, God and country but the three of us as well!”

Um, we think that’s a little tongue in cheek, but, hey, it’s the Brode, so who knows?

More about InkTip is HERE.

Oh, and what the hell, more about the Spec Scriptacular is HERE.