Larry Brody’s Master Class in TV and Film Writing

(UPDATE FROM LB: The parameters of my Master Class have changed. I’m no longer teaching any of the other TVWriter University workshops and instead am concentrating on professional and “pro level ability” students.

This means that in addition to the weekly Master Class I’m now offering a $350 Private Master Class package in which the student submits a first draft, and armed with that and the resulting drafts we get together four times per month for one month and discuss the student’s script one-on-one, via phone, in person, or Zoom whenever said student is ready. 

This way we can meet at various convenient times and take as long as necessary to look into each draft instead of having to hurry on so all the material from all the students can be dealt with. And instead of waiting a week between consults, we’ll move at whatever pace works best for the writer. If you can make the changes in 2 days, we’ll talk then. If it takes you 2 weeks or 10 days – whatever – we’ll talk at that time – just make sure you get all three rewrites done within 30 days, okay? And if you’re superfast we might even get through a fourth. Email me at the usual addy if you want to know more about this approach.)

Larry Brody’s Master Class is just that and is earmarked for the best of the best – writers who either already are working professionally in TV and feature films and writers who should be working professionally.

The purpose of the Master Class is to concentrate on the forest instead of merely the trees. To concentrate on the whole shape, structure, and arc of each participant’s work. On how well the elements of story/theme/characterization come together. On anticipating production and performer needs. On creating the best possible script, as opposed to one that has pages of what we can call “good writing” but doesn’t necessarily gel into a teleplay or screenplay that makes every reader go, “Wow!”

In order to see the totality, LB needs to see a substantial chunk of pages each time he reads. That means that instead of reading a max of 10 pages per student per meeting, in the Master Class LB reads up to 60 pages per week per student – as long as those 60 pages are part or all of the same project, the script you’ve chosen to bust your chops over in this class.

Why 60 pages? Most TVWriter University workshoppers are working on TV material with page counts under that number. That means that in this class, if you’re writing a 1-hour show you’ll have the chance to turn in a completed 1st draft and 3 full sets of revisions over the 4 week run of the class. And if you’re writing a 1/2 hour show you’ll be able to refine your work even further. And if you’re working on a feature length project, well, just let LB know and he will work with you on ways to accommodate that.


Master Class Sessions run for 4 weeks, once a week. Meetings take place Thursday nights at 6 PM Pacific time in the video chat room and run as long as there are questions and issues to discuss.

Preparation for each class meeting is considerable. Participants can count on having to write, write, write. And, in turn, LB has to read, read, read. All concerned must be prepared to spend the same kind of time and effort they would if they were staffing a series or writing directly for a network or studio.

Because of the work involved from all concerned, LB keeps the Master Class small. A maximum of 3 students in each go-round, no exceptions, add-ons, or favors.

There are 2 ways to become one of the 3 students. The first is to be invited by LB. The second is to email us at to discuss your qualifications, send in a writing sample, and, if all goes well, reserve your place.

The cost for each is $279 per session. After LB has approved your participation he will send you the instructions for how to pay. LB’s Master Classes fill up quickly, so the time to apply is NOW.

OUR LAWYERS MADE US DO IT DEPT: By their very nature, classes in writing require content creators to upload, attach, or otherwise present their original material so that it can be read by other class members, teachers, and teaching consultants. TVWriter.Com accepts no responsibility or liability should this exposure result in any conflicts over intellectual property rights.

TV Writer University suggests: PROTECT YOURSELF by registering your material with a recognized intellectual property registration service.

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