TVWriter University has a few openings!

No, not really TVWriter U. This is Harvard - which some folks think is almost as good.
No, not really TVWriter U. This is Harvard – which some folks think is almost as good.

If you’ve come to TVWriter™ in the past, you probably know that we have a kind of sub-site we call TVWriter University. It’s listed to the right, under the bigger heading “OUR WORKSHOPS.”

TVWriter University is a thing we do online throughout the year. Recently, we’ve been focusing on two specific workshops:

  1. The Advanced Online TV and Film Writing Workshop
  2. Larry Brody’s Master Class

Both classes are, in fact, taught by the Boss of this site, Larry Brody, whose credits you can find HERE and HERE. LB’s been teaching online (and running TV writing contests and slaving away at this website) for about 15 years now. It’s a retirement gig with a vengeance – producing 1 Acme Ton O’ TV Shows can create a lot of bad karma, and he’s trying to claw his way out of the hole he’s worried that he’s fallen into.

We, the loyal minions of TVWriter™, have very little reason to believe that LB’s immortal soul is in any danger and suspect that he’s been joking about that. What we’re sure of is that he knows his stuff and genuinely wants to share that knowledge with as many people as he can.

LB probably would tell us that we’re taking way too long to get started. His mantra, which those of you who know him or have taken his classes – which, yeppers, means you know him, is “Could be shorter, could be cleverer.” Clearly, we’ve fallen short of that so we’ll cut to the last scene:

  1. Beat One: The next Advanced Workshop starts Thursday, August 28th, and as we write this there are several openings left – mostly cuz the Boss is feeling pretty generous these days and is looking to increase the number of students he can reach by offering two separate sessions of the class. That means that potentially there are 10 spaces to fill instead of the usual five.

    You can find out more about what goes on in the Advanced Workshop HERE. We suspect that it’ll fill up quickly, so our suggestion is that you get in touch with LB about your interest ASAP. You can do that HERE.

  2. Beat Two: The next Master Class will start sometime after the first week in September, by which we mean whenever LB has enough students to hold it, by which he means 2 or 3 writers who either are pros or write like pros. So if you’ve been a Winner or – maybe – a Finalist in either the People’s Pilot or Spec Scriptacular, are successfully freelancing, or are thisclose to getting a writers room gig, odds are this one’s for you.

    You can find out more about what’s expected of you in LB’s Master Class HERE. And you can get in touch with him HERE.

Seeya on campus?