TV Writers as Celebrities: People LOVE Lena Dunham

Once upon a time television writers were as unsung, unknown, and unheralded as comic book writers. Oh, how the world has changed! (For TV writers and comic book writers, yay!) For example:


Lena Dunham Positively Killed It At The New Yorker Festival
by Alasdair

Overnight at the New Yorker Festival, actress and writer Lena Dunham said quite a number of words with her mouth. Because we are big Lena Dunham fans around these parts, we have decided to collect the most interesting of these words into a blog post (… this very blog post!) for your enjoyment and edification.

Are you ready? Great, then let’s get cracking!

When the topic of onscreen nudity came up, as it tends to around Dunham, she had quite a bit to say. According to Bustle, her philosophy is that: “When people undress literally, they undress figuratively … Sex is where our issues go to roost. Sex is really the great battleground.”

She has copped a lot of flack for her decision to get naked on Girls, and said that the negativity sometimes takes its toll. “I was intellectually prepared for what shitbags would say,” she said of her more vulnerable moments, “but I was not emotionally prepared.” Nonetheless, she refuses to give in to detractors, likening it to “a sort of don’t let the terrorists win situation.”

Addressing the frank depictions of nudity and sex in Girls, Dunham said that one of her biggest pet peeves in film and TV is “women who wake up from a torrid sexual encounter in a negligee.” She prefers the warts and all approach, saying that the other way promotes unfair and unrealistic expectations off women.

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EDITED BY MUNCHMAN TO ADD: Of course, we could be completely wrong, and Lena’s a rock star cuz of the fact that she’s, you know, the star of her show. Yeah, that’s got to be it. I mean, the world couldn’t have gone that mad, could it?