TV Shows That Got Axed Before Premiering

Ouch! This kind of thing’s really gotta hurt:

battle axeby Michelle Regalado

Every television season, there are some shows that quickly become hits and others that only manage to churn out a few episodes before getting the ax. Then, there are the few really unlucky series that manage to survive the pilot and earn a series pickup only to get canceled before they ever even premiere. Below, check out nine shows that received initial series orders but never actually made it to air:

1. Mission Control (2014)

NBC’s space sitcom was axed before it even got to air. Produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay and written by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s David Hornsby, the female-driven workplace comedy starring Krysten Ritter was originally expected to make a 2014-2015 midseason debut after its initial pickup. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show underwent some recasting after co-star Michael Rosenbaum exited the series. Casting issues continued to delay the project, and the network ultimately decided to scrap the series completely.

2. Emerald City (2014)

NBC also scrapped its Wizard of Oz-themed drama this season despite the fact that it was given a straight-to-series 10-episode order in January and was scheduled for a midseason premiere. Described as a “dramatic and modern reimagining,” Emerald City was supposed to chronicle the story of 20-year-old Dorothy Gale unwittingly sent to Oz, where she finds herself at the center of an epic and bloody battle. NBC even promoted the project in July, but come August, the network announced it had opted not to move forward with the project due to creative differences with the producers.

3. Hieroglyph (2014)

This past summer, Fox pulled the plug on the ambitious Egyptian drama. The series was one of the several projects the network originally gave a straight-to-series order to. A pilot for the pricey project was filmed, with shooting expected to resume in late 2014 for an anticipated midseason debut. The network decided against moving forward with the project reportedly because the show wasn’t coming together creatively. The announcement was made in June, a month after Fox’s programming chief exited the network.

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