TV Diversity – Yay or Nay? Part 2

Here it is: Part Two of Suzanne Chan’s four-part analysis of diversity, or the lack of it, on our television screens. Dig in:

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by Suzanne Chan

There’s a saying: “Perfection is the enemy of the good.”

If we had to wait for perfect policies, works of art, or television shows, we would have a total of close to zero.

I really like television as a form of storytelling, though it comes with many caveats. Some are imposed by commercial and technical restraints. Others are the results of creative decisions. Sometimes a show can excel in almost every aspect, but fall short on some significant ones. Too often, these include decisions about the depiction of women, people of colour, sexual minorities, and other groups that are underrepresented in the mass media.

Last month, I started a four-part series about television shows that I recently fell in love with for their premise, overall writing, and visual style. Two are to be celebrated for their diversity. Two could do better.

I wrote about the near-perfection of The 100 in the first column. This week, I look at The Flash, a show that I love primarily because it’s fun and also for its ethnic diversity. However, the way it represents women is highly problematic.

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