Tools That Will Make Your Writing Faster and Better

EDITOR’S NOTE: Because there can never be too many articles on internet writing tools…right?


by Amy Cowan

For writers, having the skills to write effectively and clearly is essential. But apart from that, you also have to learn how to write faster especially when you are working on deadlines or when you have word quotas for the day. Writing fast without compromising the quality of your work requires time and constant practice. With the help of these tools, you can learn techniques and you can make it easier for you to write faster and better.


With this amazing tool, you can write screenplays in your browser. Whether you are writing on your own or with friends, you can write from any browser. There is no need for to format or to install. On top of that is a free tool and very easy to use. This site can help you write your own screenplays whether in private or in public. For public screenplays, you can invite friends or even find new friends. It is also much easier for you to track changes and to even revert to previous versions. By using this free tool, you can start writing with efficiency. All you have to do to enjoy the complete feature of the site is to sign-up using Facebook.


Writers take time to compose their work. Whether it is an essay or a novel, the very first thing that you need to do in order to create an organized and well-structured content is to organize your ideas. How do you want your work to appear like? This is where most writers consume their time. But with tools like, it is now much easier for you to organize your thoughts and ideas. This tool is very useful so that you will not have a hard time when it comes to brainstorming and organization of ideas.


Even professional writers need help sometimes. When you are just too busy and there are so many things do, there might be a need to pay for writing or editing services. Among the best firms providing such service is This site offers a wide array of writing services depending on your need. Since their team is composed of only the highly skilled and most talented writers, you can rely on the quality of their work. When you have to beat the deadline, you never have to worry since they can handle and deliver the work on time. All you have to do is to provide the instructions and pay for it.


If you are in search for a tool where you can easily write and publish your post online, is one of the best sites out there. This is an easy to use blogging platform for writers. Signing up is fast and easy. Once you have written your work, it would just take seconds for you to publish your article. What is nice about this platform is that not only you get to publish it really fat, you can easily share it with other online users. There is no need for any set-up. All you have to do is to just write and hit the save button.


Another great tool that can help you write fast is For writers, being able to work on a clutter-free environment is definitely important. With this website, you can avoid any distraction since this tool provides a full screen mode which allows you to concentrate on your work. What is nice about Writemonkey is that you not have to install anything. You can just copy the files and start doing your work.


A topnotch and talented writer would not only showcase his creativity but even his technical skills. For new writers, many are still struggling especially when it comes to the right grammar usage. One of the best tools that you can use to help you learn about grammar is This site offers really useful teaching tools not just for children but even for writers. It provides more than 440 lessons, 88 quizzes and other online resources that you can use to use the right grammar and to avoid committing the usual mistakes.


Let’s face it. When you have so many things and worries you think of, it can be really challenging to focus and to concentrate on what you are writing. But with sites like you can enjoy distraction-free writing. With this tool, you can just focus on your writing. It also helps you write your work to achieve your writing goals. Wherever you are, you can access your work since the tool allows you to sync your work which enables you to access it anywhere.

Writing fast and better sure would take time and hard work. And with these tools, you can further develop that skill. Not only do you get to write quality content, you can also finish your work without spending a lot of time making you more productive.

Amy Cowen is a professional editor and writer. She provides writing advice to students and those who need writing help. She believes tools like these could be of great use to young writers.