Today is the last Day to get a PEOPLE’S PILOT 2018 Entry Discount!

Like the headline says, today, October 1st, 2018, is the last day to enter TVWriter™’s signature pilot writing contest for 10% off the regular entry fee.

That’s write, E-Media, Old Media, and New Media pilot-writing fans, this is your last shot of the season to enter for only 45 smackeroos instead of the $50 regular price.

What do you get for your money? How’s this?

Over $20,000 in prizes & entry bonuses!



SPECIAL DISCOUNT for Web Series & Audio Series Pilots

SPECIAL BONUS PRIZES for Web Series & Audio Series Pilots

“INFINITE REVISIONS!” Replace Entry Draft With Rev Version Any Time till Final Closing! 

PEOPLE’S PILOT’s official closing date is November 1st, and if your script isn’t ready yet, don’t worry. You have until 10 p.m. Pacific Time on that day to upload.

Need to know more? Check out the PEOPLE’S PILOT 2018 landing page, HERE

Or email Team TVWriter™ HERE

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