This Just in from “Hollywood Dementia”

Whoa, say what you will about Nikki Finke, she’s really cooking on this one. TVWriter™ wishes Hollywood Dementia and its boss lady well:

‘Hollywood Eclipse’
by James Dawson

The twin brother of TV’s hot sitcom kid grows up a film junketeer and grapples with near infamy. 4,511 words. Illustration by Mark Fearing. James Dawson is a film critic and feature writer and fiction author whose work has appeared in places as diverse as the Los Angeles Times, Marvel Comics prose anthologies and Penthouse Letters. He has written numerous articles and more than 1,000 movie reviews. This book excerpt is from his novel Hollywood Eclipse.

by Michael Burns

A successful film actress auditions for TV and receives the two biggest surprises of her career. 6,436 words. Illustration by Thomas Warming. Michael Burns is an independent writer and author of nine works of fiction including a collection of short stories. He also has written two unproduced screenplays, one adapted from his novel The Horn and the other from Lipstick, his short story posted here. He is not the Vice Chairman of Lionsgate.

‘Dark Lady Of Hollywood’
by Diane Haithman

A dying TV comedy executive seeks his muse in Shakespeare’s enigmatic Dark Lady. 4,730 words. Illustration by Thomas Warming. Diane Haithman was an LA Times Calendar staff writer covering entertainment and arts for two decades. She is a frequent contributor to Deadline and Awardsline and other publications. She was West Coast Bureau Chief and film reviewer and Hollywood columnist for the Detroit Free Press. She serves on the adjunct faculty of the USC School of Journalism. This excerpt is from her second book and first novel.

‘High Noon
By Doug Richardson

A screenwriter is trapped between the conflicting demands of a film’s producer and director. 5,184 words. Illustration by Mark Fearing. Doug Richardson has movie credits including Die Hard, Die Harder, Bad Boys, and Hostage. As a novelist, he has authored five suspense thrillers: his most recent are 99 Percent Kill, The Safety Expert, and Blood Money. He also posts a weekly blog and will soon publish the first collection titled The Smoking Gun.

‘Hemingway’s Suitcase’
by Dennis McDougal

A university PhD joins a wannabe scripter looking to get their hands on an infamous agent. 4,847 words. Illustration by The Fates Crew. Dennis McDougal has authored 11 non-fiction and fiction books and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles. He began covering entertainment for the Los Angeles Times in 1983 and has written The Last Mogul: Lew Wasserman, MCA, and the Hidden History of Hollywood and co-authored Fatal Subtraction: The Inside Story of Buchwald V. Paramount. This excerpt is from a novel he’s writing.

‘Studio City’
by Bertram Fields

A successful film studio is run with an iron fist. But is that the best strategy for its future? 2,711 words. Illustration by Thomas Warming. Bert Fields is the nation’s leading entertainment attorney and represents top performers, directors, writers, producers, studios, talent agencies, book publishers and record companies. He also is a prolific author having written two novels about a Los Angeles lawyer under a pseudonym, and books under his real name about Richard III, Shakespeare and most recently Destiny: A Novel Of Napoleon And Josephine.

‘There’s No Side Of The Street
Like My Side Of The Street’
by Bill Scheft

A comedian who has made a career saying what Hollywood doesn’t want to hear tries to right his wrongs. 2,712 words. Illustration by Mark Fearing. Bill Scheft was a 16-time Emmy-nominated writer for David Letterman from 1991 until May 20, 2015. He spent 12 years touring as a stand-up comedian until he was hired as a monologue writer for NBC. He has authored 4 novels: The Ringer, Time Won’t Let Me (a finalist for the 2006 Thurber Prize For American Humor) , Everything Hurts, and and his latest Shrink Thyself.

‘Dying On A Bed Of Nails’
by Nikki Finke

The men who run Mendelson Management wanted the women to just shut up and do their crappy jobs. That’s when the shit hit the fan. 4,267 words. Illustration by Thomas Warming. Nikki Finke is Founder & CEO of Hollywood Dementia and an authority on the entertainment industry. She is now writing showbiz short fiction for the first time. She is best known as Editor-in-Chief & Founder of Deadline Hollywood from March 2006 to December 2013. Before her 30-year Hollywood journalism career, Nikki wrote national, political and international news for the most powerful and influential media.

‘Diary Of A Mad Executive’
by Cynthia Mort

He knew no one in television and quickly came to know everybody. Who will stop his rise? 5,069 words. Illustration by Thomas Warming. Cynthia Mort is a film and TV writer, producer and director. She wrote for Roseanne and Will & Grace before creating, writing and executive producing Tell Me You Love Me for HBO. Mort co-authored the feature The Brave One and wrote and directed the indie Nina about legendary jazz singer Nina Simone. She most recently created and sold the one-hour show Shadow Morton to Starz and will direct two films she wrote.

‘Damage Control’
by Peter Lefcourt

A Hollywood publicist rushes to the hospital when her long-time client makes another mess of his life. 3,125 words. Illustration by Mark Fearing. Peter Lefcourt is an Emmy-winning writer/producer for TV and film. His credits include Cagney And Lacey, Showtime’s Beggars & Choosers (creator and executive producer) and Desperate Housewives (co-executive producer). He has written eight novels: The Deal, The Dreyfus Affair, Di & I, Abbreviating Ernie, The Woody, The Manhattan Beach Project, An American Family, and his newest latest Purgatory Gardens.

‘Recent Fossil Evidence’
by Jay Abramowitz & Tom Musca

A TV exec hears a comedy pitch from a couple of over-50 showrunners she’s never met. 5,110 words. Illustration by Mark Fearing. Jay Abramowitz and Tom Musca have collaborated on and off since UCLA Film School and just finished a first novel Formerly Cool. This is an excerpt. Jay was a staff writer on Mr Belvedere and Full House and has written/produced a dozen sitcoms and comedy pilots for Warner Bros TV, CBS and ABC. Tom wrote the feature films Stand And Deliver, Tortilla Soup and many others.

‘Vanilla Shake’
by Antonia Bogdanovich

The daughter of a Hollywood VIP grows up too quickly after she meets his best friend. 5,517 words. Illustration by The Fates Crew. Antonia Bogdanovich is the daughter of Oscar Nominees Peter Bogdanovich and Polly Platt. She has been a journalist, theater director, fiction writer and screenwriter. The first feature film she co-wrote and directed, Phantom Halo, came out June 19 and was shown at Austin, Sarasota, Bentonville and NYC International film festivals and has won 4 awards. She is turning this story into a screenplay.

‘The Audition’
by Caroline Ryder 

A desperate director discovers an unlikely collaborator clued up on John Waters and Kubrick. 4,050 words. Illustration by John Mann. Caroline Ryder chronicles popular culture for the NY Times, LA Weekly and Dazed&Confused magazine, and has interviewed major celebrities for dozens of publications. Her feature script Mimi And Ulrich was short-listed for the 2015 Sundance Screenwriters Lab and she is a recipient of USC’s Frank Volpe Writing Scholarship.

‘Maybe I’m A Salmon’
by Ned Dymoke

Their studio has a new boss and two colleagues ponder what it means for their careers. 2,815 words. Illustration by John Mann. Ned Dymoke is a writer whose work has appeared in Playboy, Esquire, Condé Nast Traveler, and other media under the name Ned Hepburn. He has published two books, Brother Louie and Life’s Rich Pattern, and is currently writing for TV and film.