The Writers Guild Gives Out Celebrity Gift Bags? WTF?

This is how the WGAW is getting actors to appear at the Writers Guild Awards tomorrow night? By giving away shwag? Trinkets? Expensive ones too, as in crap worth almost $2500 per person. And none of ’em are going to writers?

Say it ain’t so, WGAW. Say that we haven’t joined the Celeb Bribery Campaign!

Oh for God's sake!
Oh for God’s sake!

by Matt Russonello

The 2014 Writers Guild Awards take place this Saturday, Febuary 1, and ahead of the big night, we’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win the official Writers Guild Celebrity Gift Bag, given to stars like Julianna MarguliesDermot MulroneyJulie DelpyHenry WinklerBetsy BrandtJoe Manganiello, and Amber Tamblyn.

Find out how you can win this luxurious prize pack, valued at $2,485, after the jump.

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Wait! These are being given out to the media too? For prize giveaways? And TVWriter™ didn’t get one?

Damndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamn! This definitely is not fair!