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For those who missed this in their e-mailboxes yesterday:

TVWriter™ Newsletter – January 2013



The beginning of a new year seems to me to be the perfect time to thank all of you who have supported TVWriter™ during the past year. Our site visits/viewers have shot way up, and since I have this huge, neurotic need for an audience I’m, well, thrilled.

TVWriter™ is a labor of love for me. The site’s been active for almost 20 years, and the only thing we’ve ever advertised is ourselves so that we can stay honest and – ahem – pure. Okay, since you’re pressing me about it, the real reason I have this site and do it the way I do is because I know what it’s like to have a creative dream and how amazingly wonderful it feels to achieve it. So I want to do all I can to help others feel that too.

Just as we don’t take in much money, we try not to spend too much too. That means that everyone who works on this site – assistants, editors, writers, designers – has been donating their time and talent. So I’d like to give special thanks to the following, without whom TVWriter™ couldn’t exist:

Gwen the Beautiful, munchman, Dan Davison, Kevin Shuster, Chuck Fox, Anil Sthankiya, Kathy Fuller, Lauren Ferebee, Peggy Bechko, Bob Tinsley, Robin Reed, Josh Hudson, Anthony Medina, Robin Walsh, Jenny Reed, Frank Lee and many more who are going to be mad as hell because I’ve just spaced them out. Thanks! Apologies! Blahblah!

Speaking of help, we’re always looking for more volunteers, especially when it comes to contributors. Yes, it’s true, I’m asking you to write for us. Articles of all lengths, on all topics related to writing (TV/screen/print), television, films, and web media.

I can’t pay in money, but TVWriter™ contributors definitely get the chance to pick my brain on all things related to – well, I was going to say writing and showbiz, but sometimes you can get a little “real life” out of me as well. Email me and we’ll talk.

Here’s to a fulfilling and peaceful New Year!





The contests opened just 2 short weeks ago, and we’re off to a great start. Entries in both contests are ahead of where they were at this point last year, and, interestingly to us, are running neck and neck with each other.

The early Bird Entry thing is still in force, making the price $30 per entry instead of the usual $40. And, we’d like to point out that it’s worth it to pay now even if your spec pilot/episode/movie script isn’t finished because we’re absolutely cool with you submitting/uploading your masterpiece any time between making your payment and the June 1 deadline.,

And before we forget: Free Feedback is yours for the entering. We’ll be sending out the judges’ scores and the criteria for those scores to all entrants after the Winners are announced. (And boy are we proud of ourselves for doing this.)

For more info:

The People’s Pilot is here.
The Spec Scriptacular is here.

Or just go to TVWriter™ and click on the contest of your choice in the righthand index.



Edit Yourself
by LB

One of the most difficult tasks for any writer, new or old, is editing. In TV and films, the ability to edit your teleplay or screenplay is crucial. That’s because part of the magic of movies is that they expand time.

By that I mean that scenes invariably seem to have taken longer to play than they really did—even well-written scenes. In television, two minutes of talk usually feels to the viewer like ten. And a couple of minutes of action can seem like an entire military battle.

In order to make this work for you instead of against you, the writer must learn to delete any word or sequence that is not absolutely necessary. Speeches that do not simultaneously reveal character and attitude and also forward the story should be the first things to go. Extra words in speeches, such as “I think that maybe we can…” should be changed to, “We can…,” with the writer relying on the actor and the situation to supply the missing “personality.”

One of the ways I know I’m reading a really good script is that there’s a slight sensation of something missing. Not a lot, just the little extra oomph that, say, a novel would have. If you get that feeling when you read over what you’ve written, don’t despair. Instead, be joyful. It means you’ve left something for the production to supply.



The next TVWriter™ Advanced Online Workshop, for writers who know a little something about teleplay/screenplay format and have either taken TVWriter™’s Basic Workshop or can show an example of their current work, starts Thursday, January 24, 2013, at 6:30 pm Pacific (9:30 pm Eastern) Time and will meet for 4 weeks. As of this writing enrollment is wide open, but the Advanced Workshop always fills up so we ever-so-respectfully suggest that you hurry to:
Advanced Workshop info and sign-up form

Larry Brody’s Master Class will be meeting in a couple of weeks as well. This is the online workshop for professional level writers who want to spend a very intense month perfecting your current work. 60 pages a week! Story, plot, and characterization analyzed by our Fearsome Leader, LB himself! He accepts a maximum of only 3 students at a time in this one, and there’s 1 opening left. For specifics, hie thy way to:
Larry Brody’s Master Class info

Or find out more about everything TVWriter University is currently offering here.


That’s it for now. Thanks for your support for the “new” TVWriter™ throughout this past year. Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy and Prosperous New Year!



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