The TVWriter™ Basic Online Workshop Starts This Tuesday

…And we have one – count ’em, one – opening left.

Our advice: Take advantage of this chance to learn as much as you can about the ins and outs and, most importantly, the overall mindset of writing for TV and film while you can because Larry Brody won’t be teaching it again for another year.

Oh, and, as they say on TV, if you act now (*insert echo effect: now…now…now…!*) you’ll receive your very own e-book copy of LB’s acclaimed TV writing text, Television Writing from the Inside Out abso-fucking-lutely free (*more echo: free…free…free…!*).

(EDITED TO ADD: The free book thing is true, but not quite the way it sounds. New Basic Workshop students always get a free PDF copy of Television Writing from the Inside Out because it’s the textbook for the course. But munchman’s been talking to this Very Attractive Internet Marketing Guru, and she said we had to “highlight the freebies” so we have. Hope this worked for her because it made us feel a little icky, you know?)