The TVWriter™ Basic Online Workshop Is Starting Soon

…And we still have a couple of openings, so kids, let’s go!

In case you didn’t know, the TVWriter™ Basic Online TV and Film Writing Workshop, taught by Our Leader, Larry Brody, covers the basics of TV and film writing, from how to present your idea to story structure and character creation, the writing of the 1st draft, and how to revise your teleplay to satisfy both yourself and any outside notes.

The Workshop runs for 8 weeks, meeting in the TVWriter™ audio/video classroom every Tuesday at 9 pm Easter/6 pm Pacific time for an hour and a half to two hours, and the cost is $299, a bargain by any standards because LB wants to make sure it’s within the reach of anyone who wants to attend. In fact, one free, genuine e-book copy of his best-selling/highly acclaimed/etc. textbook, Television Writing from the Inside Out is included as part of the Basic Online Workshop package.

Barring an unforeseeable disaster or 3, this year’s (yes, LB only gives this once a year) session will start October 16th, and we’d hate for you to, you know, spend the next 12 months kicking yourself because you missed it.

Oh, and for those who’ve read this far: The opening sentence above is a callback to a famous ’50s kid show. We’re told that if you sign up and mention that show to LB before class starts he just may have a little reward for ya.

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