The Search For Dr. Obsidian

Now here’s how you market your new hero concept:

A terrific web site:

A solid Kickstarter presentation:

Oh yeah, and a great concept too:


The bad news is that the Kickstarter campaign failed. The creator of DR. OBSIDION, writer/director/sfx artist Mark Kochinski simply needed too much money to make the project look possible.

Hmm, so maybe not the way to market your new character, after all? Must ponder….


We don’t know Mark, but we see a hell of a lot of potential here and are sorry we missed the boat when the Kickstarter campaign was live. Maybe TVWriter™ could have helped. (We hope he hasn’t given up, but the blog about the project stays in character re the premise – reviving a lost but real hero – so we have no idea what’s going on.)

Give TVWriter™ a holler, dood. Let us know what you’re up to, okay?

And, yeppers, we encourage everyone reading this to visit Doctor Obsidian.Com. If you enjoy, um, us, you’ll enjoy this as well.