The Latest DOCTOR WHO Gadget is a Total Must Have

Look at this thing. Perfect for when you want to give your spouse that special something (so you can really use it yourself):

Read with the Doctor

The Doctor always has a tool for every job. Usually, this tool is the sonic screwdriver. But let’s not ignore the most powerful tool at the Doctor’s disposal: the TARDIS herself. She’s one sexy girl and without her, the Doctor wouldn’t be able to travel through time and space.

We can’t get you a real TARDIS (at least not for a reasonable price), so we decided to get you this TARDIS Book Light instead. If you’re reading in bed and don’t want to disturb your partner or pet, just clip the TARDIS Book Light to your book and aim the TARDIS’ light exactly where you need it. The TARDIS Book Light also comes with a UV pen so you can write secret notes to The Doctor that can only be read by the light of the TARDIS Book Light. It’s perfect for people who hate to put visible marks on their books!

Read it all (and you can place your order too)

We’re going to get one and clip it to our yellow pad (sorry, LB) so we can write in the dark. Because what else is there to do, you know, in the dark?