The Hudsonian’s New Web Series

 by Josh Hudson

Hello everybody!

For those that have read my reviews, you can probably guess that I love TV. You may also know I’m hoping to one day write for television. Two extremely obvious statements since you’re reading this on, but still.

In hopes of creating a catalog for myself that doesn’t revolve around reviews for shows that are too terrible to be on television and make me bitter that my great ideas aren’t on TV, I created a web series to bring my voice to the masses.

Odds Of Winning is a web series centered on a struggling bar in Las Vegas. There’s no poker or slot machines and not coincidentally, no customers. Jimmy, the owner, turns to his friends – Larry and Roosevelt – for help in his efforts to jumpstart his establishment before he’s forced to sell it to one of the many hotel & casino owners looking for more land. Unfortunately, Roosevelt’s the only competent one in the bunch.

There are laughs, love, music, pretty people, mean people, and a lot of alcohol. I’d like nothing more than to bring my characters to life and show you why. My team and I have put together a crowd funding campaign to help us fund this project. I’ve written 12 episodes, and the bar we’re filming at has graciously donated their time to us if it doesn’t affect their business hours. The filming is being stretched over four weeks to accompany these requests, so food and equipment are at a premium.

EDITED BY LB TO ADD: Sounds cool, Josh. I’m really looking forward to this. Just one word of caution: So is munchman. In fact, he just told me how much he can’t wait to review it. Good luck, dood!

Author: The_Hudsonian

An aspiring TV Writer. A love for comic books. Huge sports fan. Bleed Orange and Green (Da U!) That's all for now. I'll update when I make more noise in the writing world. Follow me on Twitter @The_Hudsonian for all kinds of brilliant nonsense.

4 thoughts on “The Hudsonian’s New Web Series”

  1. Munchman’s looking forward to reviewing this? I don’t know whether to be thrilled or scared as hell! For anyone that’s interested in supporting the cause for my web series, our campaign is

    Every little bit counts! Thanks again, Mr. Brody!

  2. Josh, something might help you sell this: One of the reasons he’s doing this is to give a good chunk of $$$ to a wortlhy cause. Helping kids go straight, curing diseases, whatever. But you can build a good part of the story around it. Maybe he lost his own kid to a disease. Or maybe he was a kid gone wrong. Real wrong. Just a thought. gs
    Whatever it is, tie him in with the b.g.

  3. Thank you Mr. Gerry. I can’t say I thought of that, but I like the idea. I think I can find some ways to tie that in with the series. A little character growth and understanding never hurt a show’s capability. This is why I love this site. You guys rock!

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