The Five Questions Successful People Routinely Ask Themselves

What the hey? Successful people question themselves? I thought the whole point was that you succeeded because you believed in yourself so strongly you didn’t have to ask questions. Whoa. Gotta tell ya, friends and neighbors – this brings up a boatload of questions for me:

ladderofsuccessby Karyn Mullins

While everyone has a different definition of professional success, the one thing all successful people share in common is a drive to be better than the day before.

Whether you’re looking for a new job, looking to make your company a success, or just reaching for the next rung on the career ladder, forward momentum is key.

In the hustle and bustle, we can often skip asking ourselves the big questions. These questions are necessary to ensure we’re keeping our goals in sight and moving in the right direction.

Once upon a time, another entrepreneur, leader, and inventor asked himself the tough questions. His name was Benjamin Franklin.

In the book, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, author Mason Currey took a look at the daily rituals of some of the most successful and artistic people throughout history. Franklin, for instance, started and ended his day by asking two self-improvement questions: In the morning he asked himself, “What good shall I do this day?” In the evening, he wrapped up by asking, “What good have I done today?”

Bookending his day with these simple questions helped Franklin focus on his goals and point his efforts in the right direction. Similarly, the most successful people never stop questioning and never stop seeking answers.

Here are five questions successful people ask themselves in order to reach their goals:


Sometimes the career trajectory we chose years ago just doesn’t fit as well today. Often times we lose the passion we once felt for our business, job, or career path in general. It’s possible you haven’t even considered in quite some time whether you’re in the correct niche or following the right path.

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