The Big MAJOR CRIMES News That Nobody Noticed

We hear what you’re saying:

“What? Big News? Really? About a new series that isn’t really new at all because another version with most of the same characters and actors has been on the air for 8 years? What’re you on, dood? What’re you talking about?”

Okay, for starters, check this:

Not helping? Then how about this, from Wikipedia:

Mary Eileen McDonnell (born April 28, 1952) is an American film, stage, and television actress.”

Let’s zoom in a bit, to:

“…(born April 28, 1952)…”

Still not getting it? Let’s put it this way then:

Mary McDonnell has taken over the lead role in MAJOR CRIMES, formerly known as THE CLOSER.

At age 60.

That’s right. A sixty year old woman is now the lead in an American TV series. A series that is doing just as well in the ratings after several outings as it did with her predecessor, who was 39 when she started on the show.

In a business where age discrimination is rampant in every area – actors, writers, directors, producers, you-name-it, this is a huge departure, and we’re thrilled to see it. (We’re thrilled to see any size departure from the television norm, but this one is especially important because of its implication for the future of every baby boomer in the field.

TVWriter™ congratulates Ms. McDonnell, TNT, showrunner-creator James Duff, and everybody else involved in this coup. And we thank you as well, for succeeding in making MAJOR CRIMES a genuine Major Event.

4 thoughts on “The Big MAJOR CRIMES News That Nobody Noticed”

  1. Hey, Larry. Some time ago, you mentioned The Mentalist, and being a good listener, I started watching the show. It has been easy to catch up because some days there are eight episodes on TBS. I finally saw the pilot, and I’m now watching only the current episodes on CBS. Thanks, and I’m now watching the other shows you recommended.

    1. Well, Terry, all I can say is that I’m, um, well over 60 and I like to think there’s hope for me about everything.



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