The Attitude Adjustment Every Writer Needs

The following article from CJ Lyons’ noted No Rules Just Write blog is addressed to writers who write for publication, but its truth is universal and applicable to those of us who write for any and all media. Just substitute “agent” or “manager” or “producer” or “director,” etc. wherever CJ says “publisher” and you’ve got it – an outlook that makes contemplating the business end of writing every bit as wonderful as the writing itself.

For reals.

The Evolving Role of Publishers: A Paradigm Shift
by CJ Lyons

Broken-chainsYou know how I’m always talking about how readers rule, quoting Jeffery Deaver’s advice to me to “never forget the reader is god?”

Understanding that changed how I approached my writing, both creatively and from a business aspect.

On the creative side, I’m my first reader, so of course I have to be passionate about a project. Then when I’m ready to put it on sale and ask my reader in invest their time and money in a book, I have to think of what will delight and excite them.

On the business side, it makes every decision sooooo much easier. All I do is ask myself: Will doing xyz serve my readers?

That single piece of advice was a huge paradigm shift for me…but recently I came up with another that I want to share with you because it will change everything about how you think of publishing and your career as a ProWriter.

I’m going to throw it out here and then we’ll chat more about specifics.

Ready? Here it is:

When an author works with a publisher, the publisher is acting as a subcontractor.

Okay, let that sink in. While you’re thinking about it, we’ll break it down.

 Read it all cuz it gets better. Uplifting even.