The 2016 PEOPLE’S PILOT Closes in 2 Months!


September 1st to November 1st…how the time flies….

We’ll keep this update short and sweet. Planning on entering the PEOPLE’S PILOT? Want to do us and yourselves a favor? Enter early.

Cuz the more early entries we get, the sooner we can start scoring and rating the entries.

And the sooner we do that, the sooner we can announce the results and, um, send out the prizes and get y’all on the road to fame and fortune. Or genteel poverty. You know.

What’s this scoring and rating thing of which we speak?

It works like this. Every judge gets one Acme Bunch O’Scripts to read and a form to fill out for each script, based on the values and elements that showrunner pros like Our Beloved Leader, LB, have learned – the hard way – make more effect scripts and better TV productions. In other words, you’re not being graded on the curve. You’re being evaluated by the standards professionals use when reading pilot scripts.

Here’s the breakdown:


CONCEPT – How effective a hook is the basic premise? How viable, appealing, and long-lasting?
IMPACT – The emotional connection your script makes with the reader. How well does it hold the reader’s attention?
STORY – Does the plot work? Is it true to the script’s internal logic? Is the reader surprised?
CHARACTERIZATION – How real do the chracters seem? How interesting are they? Are they stereotypes/cliches?
DIALOG – How real? How clever? How revealing? How interesting? How – ulp – cliched?


Each element gets a rating score ranging from 1 (um, this one means really sucky) to 10 (this one means greatness that surpasseth all earthbound understanding). Each script’s scores are averaged, with the final overall number emerging after the judges’ gut feelings are added to the mix. Why gut feelings instead of pure mathematical precision? Because after you’ve been around the entertainment industry a few dozen times there’s no escaping the realization that when you get down to the nitty gritty gut feelings are what make art and its perception truly artful.

As always, more details on this procedure will be included in the personal Feedback LB sends each entrant after the Winners are announced, which as we’ve said, will be as soon as we can.

So please enter early if you can. But if you can’t, remember the final closing date: The last minute of November 1, 2016, that nano-second of time before the stroke of midnight that night.

That’s it for now. Find out more about THE PEOPLE’S PILOT HERE



Larry Brody & Team TVWriter™

TVWriter™’s PEOPLE’S PILOT COMPETITION has been running online since the year 2000 – the dawn of the 21st Century. Winners and high placing entrants have gobbled up a ton of TV writing work, including TV movie and mini-series writing and writing and producing series staff jobs. We’d love to see you join them!