The 2015 Spec Scriptacular Ends – Uh-oh – Today!


Well, here we are, gang, with the big news for today. The 2015 Spec Scriptacular Competition will be closed to entries as of 11:59 pm tonight, December 1, 2015.

You still have a few hours to get your entry to us, and, man, would we ever love to have it. There’s nothing LB and the minions here at TVWriter™ would like to see more than a posse of new writers joining the past Winners, Finalists, and Semi-Finalists of TVWriter™ contests on the staffs of MOM, THE LEFTOVERS, THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER, WESTWORLD, ONCE UPON A TIME, CHICAGO FIRE, CHICAGO PD, THE WALKING DEAD, PERSON OF INTEREST, RIZZOLI AND ISLES and a host of other current and recent TV shows.

You’ll find all the info you need to take your shot at over $10,000 worth of prizes and bonuses, including free feedback on all entries, HERE 

And those of you who’ve already entered can scroll right down to our latest posts and down arrow