Thanks for the Fish…

…And for your support of the 21st PEOPLE’S PILOT
and 18th SPEC SCRIPTACULAR writing contests.

The contests are closed now, and if all goes well
we’ll begin judging them soon enough to start
announcing Semi-Finalists and Finalists in September
and October, and Winners right afterward.

In the meantime, some data, and even a few thoughts,
about how these most recent PPs and SSs (?) have
gone down.

The PEOPLE’S PILOT showed a 15% increase in
entries over last year.

Entries in the Action/Drama category accounted
for 45% of the total.

Entries in the Sitcom category accounted for 48%
of the total.

Entries in all other categories accounted for 7%
of the total.

The SPEC SCRIPTACULAR showed a 20% increase
in entries over last year.

Entries in the Action/Drama category accounted
for 21% of the total.

Entries in the Sitcom category accounted for 52%
of the total.

Entries in the MOW/Screenplay category accounted
for 27% of the total.

As a result of the above, here’s what we’re wondering:

With the number of dramatic and comedic entries
almost evenly divided in the PEOPLE’S PILOT, why
are there so many more comedy entries than dramas

Today’s current comedy crop sparks more writerly
interest than today’s drama? Sitcoms are shorter
and therefore more appealing to write?

And here’s what we’re thinking:

We’re thinking about how appreciative we are of
the screenwriters who answered our call and
entered the fray. Everyone at TVW.C is looking
forward to reading the entries, which, if the
titles are any indication, are going to be as
fresh, original, and fascinating as anyone could
ever hope for.

And speaking of titles, here’s a couple of
some strange numbers for all of us to chew on.
The entry forms for both the PP and the SS
require the title of each script entered.

Almost 100% of the PP entries went along with
this. Only 1 entry left that field blank.

But, and this really seems amazing, 57.5%
of the SS entries missed that one completely.


We’re eager to hear your thoughts on all of this.
Feel free to email or visit
our Facebook page or Tweet us with your comments.

Oh, most important thanks of all, even more than
for the fish. Thanks for your continued visits and
contest entries and message comments and all
those other good things over the years. Can’t
exactly complete the giving back/paying
forward process unless someone accepts, and
we appreciate your acceptance to the utmost.


Larry Brody & Team TVWriter
Twitter: https//!/TVWriterCom

Author: LB

A legendary figure in the television writing and production world with a career going back to the late ’60s, Larry Brody has written and produced hundreds of hours of American and worldwide television and is a consultant to production companies and networks in the U.S. and abroad . Shows written or produced by Brody have won several awards including - yes, it's true - Emmys, Writers Guild Awards, and the Humanitas Award.

3 thoughts on “Thanks for the Fish…”

  1. Holy crap, we’s just learned why so many people failed to fill in the “Title” blank on the SPEC SCRIPTACULAR form:

    It wasn’t there.

    And there’s no one to blame but us.

    A %$#@! html error!

    Thanks so much to Christopher Valin and Eileen Beard for being the first (but not the last) entrants to point out the situation. TVWRITER heads may roll, but Christopher and Eileen Beard will be rewarded.

    And the problem will be solved in just a day or so because next week we’re going live with the first revamp of the entire TVWriter.Com site in about 10 years…and I’ve just made sure that the word “Title” is set securely in the correct place.

    Multi-thanking LB

  2. For somebody who doesn’t enter contests often (hardly at all), this whole process was rather new to me. Do we have any way to add a title if we didn’t already?

    1. Having the title on that particular form is very handy internally during the “Hey, look, we got another entry!” process. Since we’re past that now everything should continue smoothly from here.

      Notice that I said “should.” Such a crazy optimist.

      Thanks for caring about this, Terry. And good luck in the contest!

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