A Few Words From BANSHEE, a New Series on Cinemax

Yes, really, Cinemax. Who’d a thunk?

Cinemax is a sister of HBO? Stepchild, we assume.

All we know is that this is a new series that premiered on Cinemax January 13th, and that everything about it on the Cinemax site makes it look like, well, dreck.

Still, its creator/head honcho is Alan Ball, so it might be at least solid, rather than, you know, watery dreck. read article

How to Embrace Change, but Still Stand for Something

Being a professional writer, regardless of the medium, is in its own way about embracing change – the changes editors, producers, executives, publishers demand in your work – yet still standing for something – your personal vision.

For many writers this paradox is unsolvable. But we kinda like the following practical approach:

change read article

Robin Reed: American Borer Story – zzzzz


I finally caught up with “American Horror Story” season one via Netflix. I heard a lot of good things about it, and the ads made it look like it was a new kind of horror story, something innovative and original. As a horror buff, I keep hoping that movies and TV will break out of the old and hackneyed ideas that are endlessly repeated.

Unfortunately, AHS starts with the oldest and most hackneyed idea of all. A family buys an old mansion for a lot less than market value because a murder occurred there. Do they do any research about what actually happened?  No, they blindly get themselves into a mortgage without even looking the house up on the internet or going to the library and looking at old newspaper stories. They buy a house that is so notorious that it is a stop on a bus tour of murder sites in L.A. and everyone calls it the “Murder House.” The place probably has a Wickipedia entry. How hard would it be to find out that the murder the realtor told them about is just one of many? read article

A Really Good Writer Finally Discovers…STAR TREK?


A writer who never watched the original STAR TREK?

OMG! OMG! OMG! read article

Peer Production: THE WHEEL

…By John Roberts is a beauty. How does he do it?


THE WHEEL is on Facebook read article