LB: A Few Words from the Man Who Taught Me How to Write for TV


I moved to L.A. in the spring of 1968. I was 23 years old, had had half a dozen short stories published in various science fiction and fantasy magazines, a deal with Ace Books for a science fiction novel, and so many hopes and dreams that my heart pounded excitedly all day and all night, no matter what my body was – or wasn’t – doing.

My first deal in L.A. was with a production company headquartered at MGM. The late and legendary Sam Katzman (he may not have been great, but he sure as hell was fascinating), read the only spec script I’ve ever written in my life and promptly optioned a TV series idea I’d written up. Even better, the same deal made me the co-writer of a feature film he was planning. I would be working with the writer-director,  Arthur Dreifuss, on the script. read article


An Oscar nominated short, available legally. Who’d a’thunk?


This is the kind of animation that starts some people thinking, “What do we need writers for?” because there’s no real dialog. read article

In Their Own Writ Dept – Writers on Writing 2/21/13

You have to write because you love to. If I’d put all the time and love and devotion I put into writing into being a plumbing contractor, I would have made a ton more money.

Calvin Clements, Jr. read article

Do Good Writing Skills = Good Writing?

Our friend Theresa Wiza has been writing about things other than writing recently (can you imagine that?), but we found this post of hers at WritingCreatively.Org that sings to us oh-so sweetly:


by Theresa Wiza

Recently I was forced to ask myself this question: Do good writing skills equal good writing? What prompted the question was a blog I read from a writer who reached into my soul and tugged at my heart so completely, I found myself immersed in the spirit of her words. Because of her writing, I began to notice the emotional impact of other writers and of myself. read article

Peer Production: STUCK

All too true?

Who says video games are ruining our ability to participate in life? read article