Did You Know There’s a Church Dedicated to Free Downloads?

Well, to the proposition that “people should be free to copy and distribute all information.” That’s all information. Period.

Yeah, this been around for awhile, but we just found out about it via the BitTorrent illegal downloading post below.

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Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 2/11/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
  •  Moira Walley-Beckett (BREAKING BAD) is writing an unnamed Starz drama pilot about the gritty, dark side of…ballet? (C’mon, ya gotta love the switch. Ya gotta…unless, of course, you don’t.)
  • Neal Purvis & Robert Wade (both of SKYFALL) are writing the pilot and, we suppose, more for BARBARELLA, currently being readied for international syndication. (Yeppers, it’s that BARBARELLA. Yippee!)
  • Bryan Cranston (actor – BREAKING BAD) has a first-look deal with Sony to develop and produce new series…and then star in them. (Once upon a time this kind of thing was reserved for writers. But, well, we’re all writers now…right?)
  • Rashida Jones & Will McCormack (CELESTE & JESSE FOREVER) have a deal with Warner Brothers Television to develop, write, and produce their own TV projects there. (Yes, she’s the actress from PARKS AND RECREATION. We toldja everybody’s a writer now.)

The Hidden Meaning in Kids’ Movies?

And now, boys and girls, an educational video guaranteed to get your hormones in an uproar.

In other words, it’s time to condemn…gender-stereotyping!

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FBI Employees Download Pirated Movies and TV-Shows

We’re not sure of the proper response to the following but are thinking along the lines of either “Hmm,” or “Bwahhh!” You’ll see what we mean. From TorrentFreak.Com:

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SMASH’s New Showrunner Talks About All Those Great Changes He Was Hired to Make

Because this is his Big Chance:


Josh Safron on SMASH Season 2: “I Wanted to Create New Stakes for Everybody’
by Lesley Goldberg
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