A Real Writer’s Advice on TV Writing, Playwriting & Being Up Close and Personal

And by “real writer” we mean one who actually knows how to write prose – and write it well. Hunker down with us for a valuable learning experience:

tumblr_n4fm5eSHTf1s03ilyo1_500by Jennifer Chen

I first met Celena Cipriaso when we went to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts together, studying dramatic writing. Truth be told, we totally bonded over our love of Sweet Valley High books. Once we discovered this, we headed to the Barnes & Noble on Astor Place (which I don’t think exists any more) and read the books again together.

Fast forward to present day, Celena is a TV writer, journalist, and playwright with many accomplishments under her belt (see her bio below!). She is one of the most well-read, prolific writers I know. Her writing advice is super helpful. Enjoy! read article