“Writing stories for TV gives me joy”

Know how we’re always saying that if you want to “make it” in TV you need to move to L.A.? Could be that isn’t the case after all. International production is booming, and the biz is alive and doing very well, thank you, in Europe, Asia, and, yes, Africa.

Here, for example, is what working in TV is like in Nigeria:

victor sanchezby Isiguzo Destiny

Victor Sanchez Aghahowa is a multitalented film maker. He is a screen writer, director and a producer. Victor is one of Tinsel’s directors and currently, the director and head of Creative Writers’ School of the Africa Magic Telenovella, Hush. He is popular for his web series ‘Why She Left My Brother’. In this interview with ISIGUZO DESTINY, he reveals why he dropped out of school and what he cherishes most in filmmaking. Excerpts: read article