LB: TVWriter™ Online Workshop, um, Update

For those who missed the E-Mail yesterday: 


LB here with a few words about what’s happening with the TVWriter™ Online Workshops. Today’s big news is about the Advanced Workshop previously scheduled to begin this week, on Wednesday, May 15th.

Yes, I said “previously.” Because I’m postponing it a week. We’ll start May 22nd instead. Not because of anything terrible or even ominous, don’t worry about that. Just because I’m trying to conserve my energy so I can better deal with the deluge of People’s Pilot and Spec Scriptacular entries that always come in the week before those contests close. (Which, FTR record, is less than three weeks from today, on June 1, 2013.)

In order to keep myself strong and psyched, I’m going to take it easy this week. Loll around. Watch a few seasons worth of shows on Netflix. Immersing one’s self in all things Helen Mirren, especially PRIME SUSPECT is a terrific way to increase the old positive ion flow.

So relax, those of you who are signed up for the class. You’ve got another week left to prepare your first set of workshop pages. And if you’re not signed up, well, the good news is that there’s still one opening left. Feel free to email me if you want to talk about it.

On the Master Class front, well, teaching that is a bear. I read and discuss 3 complete scripts every week for 4 straight weeks, and that takes a lot of attention. So the likelihood is that I won’t be starting the next session till, oh, at least mid-June.

As far as the Basic Workshop is concerned, however, everything’s good. The June 25th opening date is still on, and since I haven’t spent much (read “any”) time recruiting new students, enrollment’s wide open.

What’s that? You need specific information? Price? Requirements? Curriculem? Piece of cake. Just click your way over to our oh-so-informative TVWriter University page and let it take it from there. Oh, and now, because munchman has his marketing hat on and is demanding that I do this: Here’s some hype:

TVWriter™’ and Larry Brody’s classes have provided foundations for the work of such current Big-Time TV and film writers as

  • Karen McCullah (Legally Blonde, Crazy Kind of Love)
  • Joe Wiseman (Just Shoot Me)
  • Curtis Gwinn (The Walking Dead)
  • Danny Thomsen (Smallville, Once Upon a Time)
  • Troy Devolld (Basketball Wives)
  • & more

There really is more, but this whole pitching thing makes me very uncomfortable so, in the words of David Hasselhoff back in the days of KNIGHTRIDER, “I’m outta here.”

Actually, he shortened that to just, “Outta here!” on set, and whoever was in the scene with him thought David was yelling for them to go away. Which meant that, inevitably, chaos ensued. Don’t you love actors? (Yeah, me too.)



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The TVWriter™ Basic Online Workshop Starts This Tuesday

…And we have one – count ’em, one – opening left.

Our advice: Take advantage of this chance to learn as much as you can about the ins and outs and, most importantly, the overall mindset of writing for TV and film while you can because Larry Brody won’t be teaching it again for another year.

Oh, and, as they say on TV, if you act now (*insert echo effect: now…now…now…!*) you’ll receive your very own e-book copy of LB’s acclaimed TV writing text, Television Writing from the Inside Out abso-fucking-lutely free (*more echo: free…free…free…!*).

(EDITED TO ADD: The free book thing is true, but not quite the way it sounds. New Basic Workshop students always get a free PDF copy of Television Writing from the Inside Out because it’s the textbook for the course. But munchman’s been talking to this Very Attractive Internet Marketing Guru, and she said we had to “highlight the freebies” so we have. Hope this worked for her because it made us feel a little icky, you know?)