Ken Levine on why the little screen is now better than the big screen

Not debatable. This is, simply, Da Truth:

by Ken Levine

Kevin-Spacey-House-of-Cards-NetflixHere’s one of those Friday Questions that became an entire post.

It’s from reader Joseph Scarbrough:  read article

Don’t Forget to Watch the Return of SAILOR MOON!

As our favorite press release has it:

sailor-moon-japanese-press-release-tvwriter.comOr, to put it another way:

by Team TVWriter™ Press Service

?In collaboration with Kodansha Ltd., Toei Animation Co., Ltd., will manufacture a new animation series “Sailor Moon”. Note that the new animation, to the whole world simultaneous delivery video distribution site in “Nico Nico Douga” was decided. read article

5 ways to get through writer’s block or content marketing fatigue

Time now for a brilliant analysis of What’s Ailing You. (Us? Them?) Several of us here at TVWriter™ found this to be wonderfully helpful. For reals.

eraserby Belle Beth Cooper

When you’re facing a blank page with no idea what to write, it’s hard to imagine how you’ll ever get to the other side of a finished piece. I’ve gone through this a few times, so I thought it might be helpful to share the methods that have worked for me.

1. Be honest & work your struggles into your content

This is actually the method that inspired this post. I was working on a post about Google Analytics recently and I was struggling to get started. After a few false starts, I finally decided to just write my concerns into the post. It turned out well, and made me think that sharing this method, and others I use, could be helpful to others. read article

TVWriter™ Top Posts for the Week Ending 1/17/14


Here they are, the most viewed TVWriter™ posts for the past week:

Kathy Sees Iron Man 3 read article

Troy DeVolld: How to be a Great Exec

troy devolldby Troy DeVolld

Before we get started, let me share that I’m well aware that your job is not easy.  You’re only as good as your last hit in the execuverse, and there’s a load of pressure on you to deliver the goods.  I feel you.  I understand.  This isn’t one of those “smartass producer bashes the network execs” kind of things, because man oh man, do I get what you’re up against.  Plus, I’ve worked with some pretty damn sharp execs in my day.

But you other folks…some of you don’t know what the f*ck you’re doing.

Many among you are brilliant and magical and when you exercise your authority or make a suggestion, and I marvel at how you so often provide insight, perspective, and practical solutions.  Long may you reign, you lovers of the medium who know what works and what doesn’t and what makes it go.  But for every one of you, there’s two young sprites fresh from the desks who run roughshod over experienced producers, spouting demands like “This show has to be a hit, you guys” and meaningless non-directions like “This needs to be better.”   If the head of your network knew how far over budget you’re gonna put your project with your lack of understanding, you could be cruising for a professional bruising. read article