Tips from Pro Freelance Writers (who also work fulltime)

Full time job and successful freelance writing career? Yikes! You must be Superman. But wait, Superman has never had anyone to get tips from. While those of us who aspire to become Emperor of All Freelancers (or at least have a foot or three in the marketplace) do. Now:

Ooh, it looks so fun!
Ooh, it looks so fun!

by Molly Berry

Over the weekend, I found myself watching an excessive amount of Netflix and bad TV (and not thinking about freelance writing). One evening while I was sucked into Love Actually, I started wondering what the characters were up to when we couldn’t see them on screen. Given the multitude of famous actors with lead roles, and because all of their lives interlock as a result of love, family, and employment, several characters end up on screen together in surprise scenarios. But what about the people that we don’t see at work or falling in love? What are their days like? What does Alan Rickman do when he’s not buying a necklace to give to his mistress?!

Flash forward to Monday, back at the office, where this idea translated to the people I work with on a daily basis as an associate community manager. I talk with writers, bring them onto new writing programs, introduce them to editors, and ask them if they’re up for projects with tight turnarounds. But what do those writers do after they press send or hang up their phones? How do they make time for everything?

Much like the intertwining lives and perspectives that we glimpse in Love Actually, the Skyword editors, strategists, and I each gather different impressions from the contributors we work with. At times I’ll do extra digging to explore writers’ About Me pages and read through their personal blogs, but I want to know more about the day-to-day of the writers I work with—especially the people who juggle full-time jobs in addition to freelance writing. After talking with a couple of Skyword writers who manage freelance jobs on top of their 40-hour work weeks, I noticed key themes for maintaining sanity and exceeding client expectations.

Here are the top four tips….

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