Think Writers have it Bad? Read This Tale of Woe

Artists! Artists get screwed as much as writers! Especially storyboarders! We know it’s true cuz…Nikki Finke never lies:

inceptionStoryboard Artists Get Screwed
by Nikki Finke

I heard the other day from one of the storyboard artists working in Hollywood and beyond for 23 years who thinks they haven’t been given the credit they deserve. “Have you ever thought about us? Have you ever asked yourself what does a story artist really do? Have you ever thought about what department they are a part of?”

The complaint is that storyboard artists are often thrown into the Art Department budget – presumably because the decent Art Directors used to do boards and share some of the same tools of the trade. But they can be under any department’s budget because in truth they are a department of one. They report directly to the director and write story and much else and have nothing to do with the Art Department or any other department. They work alone and manage themselves. Very efficient. read article