Top TVWriter™ Posts for the Week Ending 5/24/13

Top TVWriter™ Posts for the Week Ending 5/17/13


Here they are, the most viewed TVWriter™ posts for the past week:

TVWriter™ Talks to WALKING DEAD Writer-Producer Curtis Gwinn read article

LB: Erik Mountain Blows Me Away


Just watched my DVR’d copy of last week’s PERSON OF INTEREST: DEAD RECKONING and enjoyed the hell out of it, as I enjoy all episodes of this show.

I mean, how could I not? It’s Batman if he were in the current/real world. No costume. No cave. Just attitude and badassery and computer hacking the way we all suspect it should be. read article

LB’s Thoughts on the 2012 People’s Pilot & Spec Scriptacular Contests (part 2)

Last week I started writing about the TVWriter™ contests and my various thoughts/ideas about ways to improve the experience for entrants but didn’t get past the subject of the mechanics of the judging. Life has a way of doing that to me – bogging my ideas down in the morass of pragmatics – but it’s time now to pick myself up out of the swamp and run some things past you, the TVWriter™ readers and writers.


Many entrants have asked if they can get feedback on their entries. It’s a good question, and in general I think that feedback on writing is helpful as all hell, but my answer, as it relates to what most people think of as “feedback” (a critique of the work in question) is the running line in an old, unfunny sex joke, “Hell no. Tried it once and didn’t like it.” (Hmm, I think that’s the punchline too.) read article

LB’s Thoughts on the 2012 People’s Pilot & Spec Scriptacular Contests (part 1)

Turns out that I’m just as busy with the People’s Pilot and Spec Scriptacular contests now that the Winners have been announced as I was when we were judging. Maybe a big more because I’m setting up the various Mentorship Sessions that are among the prizes (and then will have to get on the phone with the Winners and yak away), making sure that the co-sponsors who supply prized do in fact supply those prizes, and working out the delivery of the prize money so graciously donated by Manner Movie Ltd. of Hong Kong.

As a result of being so immersed in the two contests, my mind is racing with thoughts about them. Thoughts I want to share. read article