A Web Series by a TV Network About TV Bingeing That Nobody’s Watching

In case you didn’t know, and we figure you didn’t because we just found out ourselves, CNBC has a web series called Binge which, it says here, “explores this new world” of, we assume binge watching TV shows on the interwebs instead of on TV.

The series debuted last June and so far, according to YouTube, has a grand total of 912 views. Wowzer, CNBC, you sure know how to get it right, don’t you?

The binge-watching phenomenon has changed the entire showbiz financial paradigm, so it’s certainly important enough to warrant an in-depth examination. Binge isn’t the one, but if you’re just getting into the whole, “How does the biz really work?” frame of mind, it’s definitely a good start. read article