munchman: WTF? Turns Out AMC Didn’t Shitcan THE WALKING DEAD Showrunner Glen Mazerra After All

…It was really all the fault of The Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman. What an a-hole!


Here’s what The Hollywood Reporter has to say, and we know this showbiz Bible would never lead us astray: read article

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 1/17/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Eric Amadio (SHADOWS & LIES) is writing the pilot for Starz drama OFF SEASON, a drama about a pro football team and its young coach. (Of course the coach is young. No network wants an audience in the demo that NFL coaches actually belong to.)
  • David Graziano, (AWAKE, LIE TO ME) has written the pilot for NBC’s BLOODLINE, a contemporary thriller about a young girl trapped in the middle of two warring families of killers-for-hire. (NBC gives a much longer description, but we didn’t want to bore you the way we were when we read it.)
  • Katherine Lindberg & Ted Cyr (newbies, hurrah!) have written the time travel drama TOMORROW for ABC. (Think LOOPER combined with LOOPER with a dash of LOOPER thrown in. Except that the hero’s in the FBI so he’s a good guy not a hit man. Got it?)
  • Jon Lucas & Scott Moore (THE HANGOVER) will write MIXOLOGY, a sitcom, for ABC. (Says here it’s about a sexy Manhattan bar and chronicles the humorous adventures of singles looking for love, with each episode taking place in one night. Which part of the premise do you think will get tossed out first? Maybe we should have a contest…)
  • Dan Goor & Mike Schur (PARKS AND RECREATION) are creating/writing an untitled Fox comedy about “a diverse group of detectives at a New York precinct.” (The press release description reminds us of the classic series BARNEY MILLER, created by Ted Flicker, but we’re afraid to get our hopes up.)
  • Hey, y’all, BONES has been picked up for another full season! (Meaning that staffers on that show are gonna get even richer. Yeah! – well c’mon, you didn’t think TV was about creativity, didja?)

Silicon Valley conquers Hollywood, part 3 — think small, not big

The last installment of Robert X. Cringely’s advice for the combatants in the knock-down drag-out Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley battle:


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LB: Another Reason Why You Shouldn’t Ask Writers to Read Your Writing

Bruccoli on FSF
Whoa! F. Scott Fitzgerald was a Whole Lot Tougher Than We Thought

The next time you think about asking somebody – you know, like your favorite writer – to read your work and give you an honest evaluation, keep in mind that this is the kind of result you might get:

November 9, 1938

Dear Frances: read article

The TVWriter™ January E-Newsletter

For those who missed this in their e-mailboxes yesterday:

TVWriter™ Newsletter – January 2013
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