Find Out About Termite TV

…And then explain it to us, okay?


We’re serious here. What happened is that last week TVWriter™ got an email inquiry about the People’s Pilot contest from a writer with an addy and that so piqued our interest that we had to find out what Termite.Org was. read article

Essential Conditions for Writing Success

Our essential condition for writing success is a workable definition of “success.” But Charlotte Rains Dixon is more pragmatic:

writing_stuffby Charlotte Rains Dixon (

What, exactly, are the essential conditions for writing success, you ask? read article

Peer Production: La Fleur De Mai


Hey, we’re the biggest proponents of web series anywhere, and we’re rooting for everybody who is working on one – and encouraging everybody who isn’t to get on the damn bus and go.

But the only thing we could think of when we saw this trailer was: “Get a sensahumor, dammit.” Oh well, maybe the episodes themselves won’t be so, um, deliberate. read article

The power of naive questions…

And now a few words on innocence and creativity and how they go together like…um, we’ll get back to you on that, okay?

But for now:

 questns read article



No, not Stephen Hawking’s 1988 book of the same name but a documentary about Hawking’s life by documentary writer-director-producer Errol Morris.

Morris first released the film in 1991 and now as part of a celebration of Hawking’s 71st birthday you can find all 79+ minutes of it right here: read article