Bigshot Writers Commissioned to Write DOCTOR WHO Short Stories

…Cuz fan fiction by big names is the perfect way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show. (But we hear munchman’s gonna write one and try to hack it onto the DOCTOR WHO site at the most inappropriate time.

Doctor Who companions site

Doctor Who short stories announced for 50th anniversary – by psychotronicvortex read article

The Daily Routines of Famous Writers

Cuz we wanna live just like Ray Bradbury, Joan Didion, E.B. White, Jack Kerouac, Susan Sontag, et al  if and when we ever grow up:


by Maria Popova read article

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 1/8/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  •  Ben Wexler (COMMUNITY) is writing the pilot for BOB’S NEW HEART SHOW, a medical comedy at Fox. (Produced by Conan O’Brian and paying tribute to Bob Newhart, who isn’t connected to the show in any way.)
  • Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot, a book by none other than Bill O’Reilly (well, maybe there was or will be another writer but no one’s coming out with the names), is being turned into a Ridley Scott directed TV movie on the National Geographic Channel. (We’re guessing this deal wasn’t made because of O’Reilly’s writing, but who knows?)
  • Megan Ganze (COMMUNITY) has looked into the future and officially left the show that scares NBC so much that the network is afraid to schedule it and taken a writing gig on MODERN FAMILY. (And she announced it on Reddit, proving that she’s not only richer than we are but cooler as well.)
  • William Monahan (Oscar winner for THE DEPARTED), is writing the pilot for Starz’ drama series CRIME, described in the press release as “a study of criminal enterprises and scandal across 1960s Britain. (He’s adapting a screenplay by Vanessa Sadler and says “It’s very, very funny.” We aren’t sure if he’s talking about her version or his there, but we’ll see because Starz always shoots and airs its series pilots – mainly because, according to their Big Boss, Chris Albrecht,  they can’t afford not to.)
  • Ryan Murphy (GLEE, AMERICAN HORROR STORY) is adapting Larry Kramer’s play, THE NORMAL HEART into a TV movie for HBO. (It’s about a paraplegic physician in the ’80s working with AIDS patients, so we now one thing for sure: Watching this ain’t a’gonna make us feel good.)

Guess Whose Ads are Supporting “Piracy” Sites?

Okay, we’ll tell you, cuz we’re those kinds of guys: Google and Yahoo, that’s who. Hypocrisy? Carelessness? Does the reason matter? Does the deed itself even matter?

Read on:

ninjapoodlesReport: Google & Yahoo May Be BFFs With Hollywood, But Both Place Ads On Piracy Sites – by Mary Beth Quick (Consumerist.Com) read article

Invisible Mikey: Head Full of Strange

… and happy to share.

I saw King Kong (1933) as a young child – on TV

Thanks to a couple of comments on the last post, I’ve been thinking about some of the truly bizarre television shows that knock around in my memory.  This is no attempt to be comprehensive.  It’s just some links to oddities I watched at one time or other. read article