WGAw Moves into Web Series

susan lucci

…No, not all web series. And not just any web series either. We’re talking about ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ALL MY CHILDREN, two former ABC daytime serials that are coming back from the dead (as in ABC stupidly canceled them) on the web.

Here’s the announcement Guild members received in an e-mail late yesterday afternoon:

Second, we can announce the signing on January 11 of a Guild agreement with Prospect Park that covers writers on the made-for-internet continuation of the daytime dramas One Life to Live and All My ChildrenOne Life to Live aired for some 43 years before going off the air last year; All My Children ran for 41 years.  Both shows were mainstays of the ABC daytime schedule and are classics of this extraordinary form of storytelling. (Guiding Light, for instance, which began in the days of radio and continued for some 72 years, is arguably the modern era’s longest continuous narrative.)

Well done, WGAw!

Observant readers have, of course, noticed the “Second” in the quote above. If you’re wondering what was the e-mail’s first order of business it was an announcement that the WGAw has “reached agreement” with Central Productions, Comedy Central’s production arm “that achieves all of our principal goals.” Some details:

These [the goals] include the adoption of our industry-standard residual formula, and protection against Central Productions’ past practice of hiring writers without a Guild deal in place. This means hundreds of thousands of additional dollars in writers’ pockets over the term of the agreement, and, crucially, the end of frantic show-by-show negotiations for dramatic, comedy-variety, non-dramatic and Quiz & Audience shows produced for Comedy Central.

The e-mail also talks about a bunch of other important stuff for writers and, yes, television viewers as well. We’ll have the full text up and running as a separate article here on TVWriter™ tomorrow, so come back and take a look.

LB: A Whole New Kind of Animation, Just Waiting for You


Any time you think you’ve seen it all, or that everything’s been done, look at this video and know – all the way down to your soul – that there is always “something new under the sun.” All you havea to do is find it:

My hat’s off to Edson Oda, who has turned my creative world upside down.

Oh yeah, he’s also the Winner of Quenton Tarantino’s Emerging Artist Contest for this outstanding piece. On Vimeo, Edson explains what he did:

 “The Writer” tells the story of Pedro, a young cowboy who defies the writer of the short film (me). I used the footage of the film “Day of Anger” and changed the dialogues in order to create this comic book world ruled by the sacred script.

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 1/24/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Nick Bakay (TWO AND A HALF MEN) is writing the script for an NBC sitcom based on Jessica Simpson’s life and starring – OMG! – Jessica Simpson. (Former NBC programming chief  Ben Silverman is the producer here, demonstrated his vaunted good taste and judgment by saying, “Jessica Simpson is truly a modern-day Lucy with incredible comedic chops….” He said some more too, but we were too busy gagging to listen.)
  • Shane Brennan (NCIS) has a 10 episode commitment for an untitled TNT series based on novelist David Baldacci’s books about a couple of private eyes. (Considering that Shane’s one of those writers who has kept CBS on top for so many years, we’re kinda curious about why this project didn’t end up there. Anybody got a guess?)
  • Steven Bochco (um, what hasn’t he written?) & Eric Lodal (nol produced credits but a great IMDB bio) have sold MURDER IN THE FIRST to TNT, about two San Francisco homicide detectives working on a high profile murder case. (We love Bochco, but when we think of his last TNT outing, RAISING THE BAR, we start getting a little nervous.)
  • Jeffrey Nachmanoff (THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW) is writing and directing the drama HOSTAGES at CBS. (The good: It’s based on an Israeli series. The not-so-good: The Israeli series was never produced.)
  • Scott Pendergast & Amy Berg Scott did WILFRED, Amy’s a documentarian) have written the script for are an unnamed TNT drama starring Geena Davis as a bail bonds-uh-person. (The good: It’s being produced and, presumably, run, by LEVERAGE’s Dean Devlin. The bad: It stars Geena Davis, whom we all remember from…um…wait, it’s on the tips of our tongues….See what we mean?
  • ALPHAS, a Syfy show featuring one of the least distinguished casts in TV history, has been cancelled. “We’ve been proud to present this entertaining, high-quality series for two seasons and to work with an incredible ensemble of talented actors, producers and creatives,” says someone identified as “The Network.” Our 1st question: What? You didn’t work with any writers? Our 2nd question: What? The show’s writers weren’t creative? OTOH, looks like TNT isn’t blaming the writers this time around.

munchman: Isaac Asimov is Still Dead

…And he’s also still blowing me away:


Funny thing though. Asimov is known much more for his work than his personality, so I had no idea he was so, um, self-confident. Harlan Ellison, OTOH, is renowned for being right out there as the King of Self Confidence, yet his business card says, simply:

I Write

Peer Production: Purveyors to Czars

purveyors to czars

David Louie Lukasik has made an art movie.

We know it’s an art movie because it’s pretty. And it moves slowly. And the sound is weird.

And, dammit, it really is artistic. And the trailer made us feel.

Bottom line: Mr. Lukasik contacted TVWriter™ and asked us to take a look and we’re glad we did. We think you’ll like it too. Check out the trailer:

 Purveyors to Czars on Facebook