LB’s Favorite TVWriter™ Posts of 2012

..Because it’s my site, and I can brag if I wanna.

Don Julio 1942 Tequila Anejo
Best “intoxicant” I’ve ever been intoxicated by

With no further ado, here are, not the most visited TVWriter™ posts, nor necessarily the best, but the ones I enjoyed reading – or writing – the most. The posts that seemed to me to be the most open, honest, and helpful looks at being a television writer, or which I just plain got the most enjoyment out of.

So if you missed these suckers, click and read, kids. Click and read

In no particular order:

FWIW Department: The good news as I see it is that none of the above are on our “Least Read Posts of 2012” list. The not-so-good news is that none of them are on the “Most read Posts of 2012” list either.

And, okay, since you asked, my favorite turns out to be the shortest item listed above, and one of the shortest on TVWriter™. And, no, I didn’t write it. That honor goes to some dood named Anil

Hey, Anil, next time you’re in the neighborhood – or the country – c’mon over and I’ll open a bottle for us to – hehe – finish.

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person

Um…how does a humor site like Cracked.Com know all this? Even our Incredibly Difficult to Please Boss, AKA LB, says this article is right on…especially about showbiz. (You’ll have to excuse him; all he @#$! knows is showbiz, but he knows it very well.)


by David Wong

2013, motherfuckers. Yeah! LET’S DO THIS.


Feel free to stop reading this if your career is going great, you’re thrilled with your life and you’re happy with your relationships. Enjoy the rest of your day, friend, this article is not for you. You’re doing a great job, we’re all proud of you. So you don’t feel like you wasted your click, here’s a picture of Lenny Kravitz wearing a gigantic scarf.


For the rest of you, I want you to try something: Name five impressive things about yourself. Write them down or just shout them out loud to the room. But here’s the catch — you’re not allowed to list anything you are (i.e., I’m a nice guy, I’m honest), but instead can only list things that you do (i.e., I just won a national chess tournament, I make the best chili in Massachusetts). If you found that difficult, well, this is for you, and you are going to fucking hate hearing it. My only defense is that this is what I wish somebody had said to me around 1995 or so.

#6. The World Only Cares About What It Can Get from You…

#5. The Hippies Were Wrong…

#4. What You Produce Does Not Have to Make Money, But It Does Have to Benefit People…

#3. You Hate Yourself Because You Don’t Do Anything…

#2. What You Are Inside Only Matters Because of What It Makes You Do…

#1. Everything Inside You Will Fight Improvement…

Read the sordid details about – yikes! – life

PORTLANDIA Tells Us What It Thinks About Spoilers

…Specifically, about people who complain about them.

Oh, and those who the complainers complain to.



Portlandia Spoiler Alert


Top TVWriter™ Posts for the Week Ending 1/4/13


Here they are, the most viewed TVWriter™ posts for the week ending Friday, January 4th:

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How to Edit Your Own Writing

Now You Can Read the 2012 PEOPLE’S PILOT & SPEC SCRIPTACULAR Prize Winners

LB: Screener Report – 1

And our most viewed resource pages were:






Thanks for another great week, and don’t forget to read what you missed, re-read what you loved, and, most importantly, come back for more soon!

Peer Production: What Do Video Gamers & Video Makers Have in Common?

Answer: Um, love. Of their work and their play.


As witnessed by this BALLAD OF THE MAGES, by “Brentalfloss.” G4 called him “New York’s Maestro of music-based video game humor,” and they’re not kidding.