Extra! People’s Pilot & Spec Scriptacular Contests Close Saturday!


We just e-mailed this to everyone on the TVWriter™ e-newsletter list, but we thought we’d put it here as well. I mean, we’ve got this bully pulpit and all so why not fucking use it?

Read closely. Your Destiny may be at stake:

… TVWriter™’s People’s Pilot and Spec Scriptacular contests for 2013 have only 4 [a few] more days to go.

Which means that if you’ve written a pilot script for your own self-created TV series, or a spec episode of a current or recent series, or an original screenplay that could be produced on network, cable, or web TV now’s the time to send it in and win Fame, Fortune, and Future.

Oh, and speaking of original screenplays, here’s a happy hint: The TV Movie category of the Spec Scriptacular’s kind of low in the entry department at the moment, which makes the odds a little better than in the other divisions.

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