Peer Production: CURVES

The best reason we know to learn Spanish:

Yeah, we know there are subtitles: Watch it again and read the damn things ‘cuz:

  • This dood can write
  • This video is funny

Thanks to David Galan Galindo

Peer Production: THE SILENT CITY Season 1 Episode 2

Yes, it’s true. We’re bringing you more of THE SILENT CITY. Cuz we lurves it:

Thanks to Rubidium Wu

LB: What’s the Connection between the Silver Surfer and My Favorite Failed Web Site?

by Larry Brody

TVWriter.Com has been a very successful website for a very long time. But that hasn’t kept me from thinking about ways to make our little home away from home a bit more than it’s been.

Got to thinking about a website Dan Davison and I put together about five years ago. The object behind PeerProducer.Com was to – for free – teach newbies how to make the best video they could. We never really got it flying for all the reasons most people don’t get things flying.

But today I ran across this promo video I made with another Dan, Dan Reynolds, President of TV station KTO 8 in the garden spot (I mean this) of Harrison, AR. And, dammit, I don’t care if it only got 187 views. I like it.

And now I’m getting the itch to make more.