Before You Dedicate Your Life to Facing the Blank Page…

by Larry Brody

…Take a look at this:

Writers Guild of America Inc., West Annual Financial Report
June 29, 2012

Dear Fellow Members:
we are please to present the Guild’s annual financial report. this year’s report reflects that, as the
economy continues its slow recovery from a deep recession, the Guild remains financially sound
and strong.

In this booklet, you will find the wGAw’s financial statements and a summary of industry and
employment data for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012. these are the headlines: read article


by Larry Brody

No, not Batman’s Superman’s Metropolis, Fritz Lang’s 1927 classic. If you’ve got any interest at all in:

  • Science Fiction
  • Cinema History
  • Soaring Imagination
  • Amazing Visuals
  • Hot Heavy Metal Babes

…you’ll get yourself to Netflix and watch till your eyeballs melt.

And then you’ll go to Kino International (the folks who did all the restoration work) and immerse yourself in fanboy heaven till your brain erupts in Metropolitan rebellion. read article

A 4th of July Message from (gulp) M-my G-generation

by Larry Brody

…Except that it’s really by John Ostrander, one of my favorite writers of comic books and other wondrous things:

John Ostrander: Displaced
by John Ostrander 

One of the brilliant moves that Stan Lee made in the early issues of The Avengers was to bring Captain America from the 40s into what was then the modern day. He had Cap frozen in ice from the end of WWII until he was thawed out. Cap hadn’t aged, Stan didn’t bring a new guy into the costume, this was the same Steve Rogers and he became a man out of time. A hero of one era moved to a time when just about everyone he knew was dead. And the world as he knew it was gone… read article

Ken Levine: When Actors Have Notes…


Actors: How to give notes to writers
by Ken Levine 

Actors, here are some tips on how to convey your script concerns to writers in a way that might result in them addressing your problems without hating you, slashing your tires, or making you the butt of room jokes for seven continuous months.

One ground rule though: This is predicated on your note being a legitimate concern with the sole purpose of improving the show. There’s no hidden agenda…

[S]o, it’s just a matter of communicating your concerns in a way that will make us receptive to you and here’s the key – WANT to make those changes. read article

“Silver Surfers” aren’t What You Think They are

by Larry Brody

…or maybe they’re what you think but not what I thought.


See the picture above? No surprise there. That’s Stan Lee & Jack Kirby’s – and Larry Brody’s too – Silver Surfer.

But… read article