Yo, Superhero Conspiracy Nuts – Here’s Your Go-To Site


So there’s this site called We Are the Rising Tide.Com which has as its raison d’etre the idea that there really is an organization called S.H.I.E.L.D. that uses superheroes reputed to be fictional to save us from supervillains and other threats also believed to be fictional and that…well, hell, just CHECK IT OUT.


Cryptomnesia makes us accidental plagiarists

Best excuse explanation for intellectual property theft idea borrowing ever:

notacrimeadiseaseby Esther Inglis-Arkell

We know that people make up false memories if prompted. But since our brain never stops being a jerk, we can also convert real memories into things we believe we imagined. Cryptomnesia can strike via our own memories, or our memories of things that others tell us. One of the most famous cases of cryptomnesia destroyed the fantasy-writing career of Helen Keller.

Have you ever told people a joke that you’re sure that you made up – only to have someone point to a magazine or website where it was already published? It happens to a lot of people. Their mind registers a phrase or an event and keeps it around, but the provenance of the event is lost. After a sufficient amount of time, the event pops up in their brain, and they assume they made it up.

One of the most sensational cases of this, which made its way through the media and the courts, involving no less a beloved figure than Helen Keller. Keller, blind and deaf since early childhood, relied on her memory to get her through school, and through life.

When she was eleven, after she’d been working with Anne Sullivan for only a few years, she carefully wrote a story called The Frost King. Intended as a present for Michael Anagnos, the head of a school for the blind, it was published in his almuni magazine, and then picked up by local papers.

Helen Keller’s story was already well-known, so this remarkably precocious fantasy tale got a wider and wider circulation, until someone noticed something odd. It was an almost exact retelling of another story, The Frost Fairies, by Margaret Canby. Accusations of plagiarism started flying, and reporters combed through Helen’s history for evidence that she had read that book.

It was finally discovered at the home of a friend of the Keller family, who acknowledged that she had read the book to Helen while Anne Sullivan was on vacation. While Helen had her defenders, the specter of plagiarism was never entirely dispelled. Helen Keller wrote, much later in life, that the event scared her so much that she never again dared write any fiction.

Helen’s most famous defender was the famously cynical Mark Twain, who claimed that similar things had happened to him throughout his writing career. He was probably right. Cryptomnesia – the misattribution of memories – is a fairly easy trap to fall into.

According to the The British Journal of Psychiatry, we experience partial cryptomnesia all the time. We remember things, but don’t remember where we learned them. So we may recommend a book to the person who recommended it to us, or tell a new piece of gossip to the person who first told us about it. We remember learning something, but not where we learned it.

Peer Production: REACH

reachWe come late to this party, a video made by Luke Randall in 2009 that may well have won more awards than any other. At least, it’s certainly in the “Most Awarded” running.

A very moving little tale, this is. How moving? Well, it, um, erm…oh hell, it made us cry.

Nominated Best Animation  – Australian Film Institute (AFI) Awards 09
2nd Place/Finalist  – Cannes Short Film Corner Competition
Grand Prize Winner  – Sydney Festival 09 IInet Get Animated
Winner Golden Eagle Award  – Cine Awards 09
Winner Best Animation  – Reno Film Festival 09
Winner Best Animation  – Action Cut Film Festival 09
Winner Best Animated Film  – New Jersey Inernational Film Festival 09
Winner Best Animation  – DeReel Independent Film Festival 09
Winner 2nd Place Best Film  – Stinkwater International Short Film Festival
Winner Best Student Film  – Southbeach International Animation Festival
Winner Best Film  – Boohoo Film Compeition 09
Winner Best Film  – Newtown Flicks Film Competition 09
Winner Award of Merit in Animation  – The Accolade Film Awards 09
Award of Excellence  – Indie Awards 09
Winner Best Animated Film  – GIAA Film Festival 09
Special Jury Award  – CINE awards 2010

Extra! Wonder Woman – Bad Days – Season 2 – Ep 8


So everybody’s buddy, Stan Lee, has this website, called Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, and on it is some very funny stuff. Especially this episode from a series he calls BAD DAYS:

And watch for the wonderfully un-P.C. cameo by Stan the Man.

Extra! CRIMINAL MINDS Stars Accept Big Raises & Agree to Go Back to Work


From CBS:

CBS announced today that CRIMINAL MINDS has been renewed for the 2013-2014 broadcast season, becoming CBS’s 20th series to be renewed for next year.  Currently in its eighth season, CRIMINAL MINDS ranks as Wednesday’s number one drama in viewers (12.24m), adults 18-49 (3.3/09) and adults 25-54 (4.3/10).

CRIMINAL MINDS, about an elite team of FBI profilers who analyze the country’smost twisted criminal minds, stars Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness and Jeanne Tripplehorn.  Mark Gordon, Erica Messer and Janine Sherman Barrois are executive producers for ABC Studios in association with CBS Television Studios.

Evidently quite a bit of money got thrown at the leads in order to get them to stay. No word on whether any of the writers of CRIMINAL MINDS got comparable deals. Or even asked for them.