IN THE FLESH – a New Kind of Zombie Series. Honest.

inthefleshJust when you couldn’t stand the thought of another show about zombies, along comes IN THE FLESH. These guys actually have a whole new take on the subject, and we’re just plain fascinated by it.

Here’s what BBC America has to say about the show, which premieres Thursday, June 6th, at 10 p.m.:

Zombie teenager Kieren Walker isn’t comfortable in his ‘undead’ state. He didn’t want to come back – he wanted to be dead. After his suicide four years ago, his friends and family thought they’d never see him again

But then, shortly after his funeral, thousands rose from the dead; and after months of rehabilitation and medication, the zombies, now known as PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) sufferers, are gradually being returned to their homes.

When Kieren returns, he is forced to confront his family, the community that rejected him and haunting flashbacks of what he did in his untreated state. Johnny Campbell directs, Ann Harrison-Baxter produces and Hilary Martin is the executive producer of the three-part series.

We definitely are into the way this sounds. And we’re also impressed because BBC America actually has an interview with the writer-creator, Dominic Mitchell, on the site. Credit where credit is due…what a strange and wondrous concept!

The sneak peak video of the opening show doesn’t seem to be working right now, but maybe it’ll be up and at ’em when you CLICK HERE.

Viacom Agrees To Multi-Year Streaming Deal With Amazon

Viacom and Amazon.Com are hatching a nefarious plan to take over the minds of our children. Or is it their hearts? Wallets?

Yeah, that’s right, it’s all about the $$$. What’s that, you say? Our kids don’t have any money? Of course not. But we do, and good parents will do anything to make their kids happy, right…?

What the flipping hell are we talking about? Just trying to translate this press release from Amazon and Viacom. You know TVWriter™. We live to serve. Here’s the original wording:, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIAB and VIA) today announced an expanded multi-year, multi-national digital video licensing agreement to bring hundreds of TV shows and thousands of TV episodes from Viacom to Prime Instant Video. This deal includes a collection of TV shows that customers won’t find on any other digital video subscription service. Prime members will now have unlimited instant streaming access to popular kids programming such as Bubble Guppies, The Backyardigans, Team Umizoomi, Blue’s Clues and Victorious, along with top-rated shows from MTV and COMEDY CENTRAL like Awkward, Tosh.0 and Workaholics. Prime members will also have access to future episodes of Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants, Fairly Odd Parents, Fresh Beat Band and more. LOVEFiLM customers in the UK and Germany will get some of the same great shows later this summer.

Select shows from Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. will be available in Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, a service built just for kids that gives them the freedom to explore all their favorite books, games, educational apps, movies and TV shows, while providing parents with the tools they need to manage their kids’ screen time.

“Kids shows are one of the most watched TV genres on Prime Instant Video,” said Bill Carr, VP of Digital Video and Music for Amazon. “And this amazon-and-viacom-to-sign-video-deal-d4c563b3aaexpanded deal will now bring customers the largest subscription selection of Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. TV shows online, anywhere. With programs like Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants, Bubble Guppies and The Backyardigans there are hundreds of great shows for kids and parents to choose from. In addition, we are bringing customers popular shows from MTV and COMEDY CENTRAL like Key & Peele, Workaholics, Awkward and Teen Mom 2, with the promise of more shows from these networks in the future.”

“We are thrilled to be extending and deepening our relationship with Amazon,” said Philippe Dauman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Viacom. “This innovative agreement will provide Prime members with access to even more of our best programming from our major television brands, including many digital video subscription streaming exclusives. Amazon has created a unique, brand-friendly environment for streaming entertainment and consumer products and we are excited to work with Amazon to bring customers shows they love.”

Does Wil Wheaton Know Who the Next DOCTOR WHO Doctor Will Be?

Well, here’s Isabella Kapur writing about something Wil wrote about on Tumblr a couple-three days ago, so maybe he does:

AllDoctorsby Isabella Kapur

It’s been less than a week since Matt Smith officially announced his departure from Doctor Who and the speculation is already in full force.  But while websites place odds on various actors and actresses, from Zawe Ashton to Russell Tovey, the identity of the actor truly chosen appears to have made it’s way to Wil Wheaton.  On top of that, we may find out who it is ourselves earlier than expected.

It appears that Wil Wheaton may have heard the news from a Doctor Who related source, writing on his tumblr yesterday:

“Am I the only person who knows who has been cast as the next Doctor, and who has known this was coming for several weeks? I figured that if it filtered down to me, it must be common knowledge among people who matter.

…now I feel kind of special. Yay me.”

Wheaton does have Doctor Who friends, (Barrowman!) and this was in direct response to the news circulating that Chiwetel Ejiofor has 7/1 odds of being the favorite for the role of the 12th Doctor

Read it all

Peggy Bechko: Writers Read and Many Readers Write

scripts shelves by Peggy Bechko

Every once in a while I’m asked by a reader, a fan, “what do YOU read?”

You mean besides my own work over and over and over again to edit, catch mistakes and generally polish?

I read a lot. A lot as in a huge volume of material and ‘a lot’ as in variety of material. So I belong toGoodreads and share some of my books there.

In general what I read is some non-fiction including what I’m reading right now, FreeThinkers by Susan Jacoby a book on secularism in the USA. I also enjoy ‘brain’ books by authors such as Dr. Dispenza (like Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself) and just plain weird books like Forbidden Archaeology . All of these can lead to interesting ideas for stories and just fun food for the brain. Like reading about the new physics of dark matter, string theory and faster than light travel as well. You don’t have to be a PhD to read them either – the more they confuse you the more it stirs up story ideas.

I also read screen scripts of movies I’ve enjoyed, keeping abreast of the latest writing styles; how a certain scene was gotten across on paper before it became film. Scripts are very tight writing, so they’re usually a pretty brisk read.

Books on writing also share space on my shelves. There’s Stephen King’s On Writing, Larry Brody’s Television Writing From the Inside Out, Alex Epstein’s Crafty Screenwriting, The Transitive Vampire by Karen Elizabeth Gordon as a grammar reminder, Ursula K. Le Guin’s Steering The Craft and a whole bunch others that would make a list far too long to put here. I am evolving a small store via Amazon where I put good and interesting books on writing I come across or have recommended to me at Writer’s Emporium.

Now if you’re talking about fiction (my favorite), then I’m all over the place. I’ll be reading Dan Brown’s Inferno next. I also read pretty much anything Dean Koontz, Orson Scott Card, Christine Feehan, Diedre Knight, Anne Rice, or Sherri Tepper writes. Also westerns by John Duncklee along with a host of other authors. I generally go through about two books in a week. Genres are Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Western, Drama, Horror. It would be more, but I do have to make time to write and read my own work as well.

Still, I don’t want to leave out mentioning Ebooks. I’m discovering indie writers there that I enjoy even as I’m reissuing many of my own previously traditionally published books in digital format.

I’ve read books from authors such as Emily Frankel (who’sKaren Of Troy I very much enjoyed) Backworlds Series (first one’s free on Kindle) by M Pax, Beyond Hades and the Prometheus Wars series by Luke Romyn and The Next Planet Over by Dennis Burns. I haven’t stopped there. I have a number of ‘reference’ books on my reader and am finding new writers I enjoy every day. I highly recommend you do some exploring yourself.

There you have it, a very abbreviated list of the kinds of things I read. And, may I add, it does keep changing. Keep reading and writing everyone – it’s a feast out there!

Have Trouble Getting Into Netflix’s ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT?


The new season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT was a big hit for Netflix. So big that there’s talk about bringing the show back for another “televised” encore.

However, a lot of viewers had problems with the structure and editing of the show, which was different from the TV version in days of yore, concentrating around individual characters instead of blipping around (no, that’s not a technical term you never heard of, just a word we made up) and intercutting between characters and stories. They felt that the ensemble effect that was part of the charm of the original was lost.

Which it was because for budget and scheduling reasons they just couldn’t jam everybody together this time around.

If you’re one of those who was disappointed, fret no more. A Reddit user called morphinapg has re-edited the entire series of new episodes to give us the same wonderfulness the original ones had. Check out his written chronology – and, more importantly we think, to most of the disappointed viewers – to download his versions of all 12 episodes.

morphinapg, you’re our kinda guy/girl. Hope you don’t get into trouble with the you-know-what’s for all this fine work.